• World travellers are trying to describe Berlin in 1 word. This is for you if you are wondering if you should travel or even move to Berlin. They were also asked to compare 2 German cities. Berlin vs Munich. Most chose Berlin. After my second visit, I realize Berlin is this huge city which could never be described using just one word. And on top of that, it comes with a feeling which is hard to comprise in just one word. So I talked to some new locals and bloggers, and basically, anyone who wanted to talk to me... and I asked them about their home. Berlin. And asked them to describe…

About me

About Me

I'm Iulia and I am an Instagram addict, dog lover and a vegan social media enthusiast. I aim to inspire you to travel more, as a tool for self-discovery and finding those moments of happiness.

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  • They said "Don't go to Ukraine, it could be dangerous" Nonsense. It seemed like one of the most peaceful places in Europe. Why spend 2 days in Odessa? Because probably you need more. Here's why. It looks terribly alike most seaside cities if you go to the beach, and if you choose to spend your time in the centre of the city, you'll feel like exploring an old European town. The place is unexpectedly beautiful and the people are friendly. Find out how to spend 2 days in Odessa, Ukraine. Please note the local currency, which is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). At the moment of writing 1 EUR = 30.6135 UAH You can…