Instagram is full of beautiful, amazing, fantastic earth pictures. So most of the times we learn about the world through our phones. Through a screen. And from others. OK, screw that and get outdoors and climb a damn mountain. Now. Ok, next weekend. Do it. Maybe Bucegi mountains?

Do you have a few days off and want to discover more of Romania? Here is my full itinerary for a 4-day road trip in Romania

Bucegi mountain hike

That’s what I’ve done last weekend. I was in Bucegi mountains, not far away from Bucharest, Romania. And the scenery did not disappoint us. Yes, Romania has been blessed with incredible mountains and beautiful beaches. And I have pictures (and a video) to prove it.

Bucegi mountain hike

Having the mountains so close to home, many people choose to go for a hike during the weekends, and there are plenty to choose from. Most are quite easy, so don’t panic. There will be something for each and everyone, and the landscapes are breathtaking no matter where you choose to hike.

I was hiking from Busteni up to Saua Baiului, Cabana Diham (Diham Hut), around Diham peak to Cabana Poiana Izvoarelor (Poiana Izvoarelor Hut) and back to Busteni. We made a mix of different walking tracks, and some were not so crowded. Probably those ones were not the easiest, but we managed.

Bucegi mountains hike


I was wondering “Why do we love to hike?”

A day in nature, hiking, taking lots of pictures, videos, enjoying the mountains and having the excitement of discovering what the city fails to offer. Cows, horses, sheep in their own environment. High mountains peaks and a clear sky as far as the eye could see. Bucegi mountains are a good and approachable place to start exploring Romania.

Bucegi mountain hike Bucegi mountain hike

I cannot answer for you, and some people even hate it, but I believe the curiosity and need for discovering are still somewhere within us. Is leaving the comfort zone, even if it’s just for a little while. I would say, it’s leaving comfort, as we know it from our city life.

People are meant to live in nature, by nature.

Bucegi mountains hike Bucegi mountains hike Bucegi mountains hike Bucegi mountains hike

And about the bears… in Bucegi mountains

Personally I’ve never seen bears in the wild, but many people have, and apparently, the area is not lacking in fauna. I always joke about this, but we actually saw fresh bear tracks.

Of course, one day is not enough, so you might consider planning a road trip in Romania, or a heritage road trip in Romania. Either way, you will discover a lot of history and beautiful sites. 

I hope you enjoy my amateur video, with me rambling and saying “Awesome” a lot.

Not impressed? Maybe the Danube landscape will. Yes, I know some people are more the city-urban-trendy type. Then Bucharest is just the place for you.

Hiking In The Breathtaking Bucegi Mountains in Romania

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