Merry Christmas Malaysia!

This is the first Christmas I spend so far away from home and my family. I’m not really religious, but I am human, and I feel the need to be surrounded by my family and friends in this time of the year.

Traveling around the planet

Good morning! Or ‘good afternoon’. I’m not sure which one is the most appropriate, because I haven’t slept last night, and my cloudy mind would like to say “Good night”. But that’s not going to happen, because I’m stuck in Ataturk airport, in Istanbul, Turkey, because I love traveling around the planet. This airport is … Continue Reading

5 things I figured out after I quit my job

There are small epiphanies we all have, some of us maybe every day. But most of us will never quit a job, just because it doesn’t feel right. We always find new bulshit to give ourselves about why we hate it, or why we need it. Nonsense. This are the 5 things I figured out after … Continue Reading

Amsterdam thoughts

I find myself in Amsterdam for the second time in less than 1 year. I realized once more that people are free to choose whatever they want. If you want to achieve something, you will, if you want to be admired, you will, and if you want to travel, put all your attention into that … Continue Reading

“Goodbye” summer of 2015

Saying “Goodbye” to summer is not an easy task, not for me at least. Although I was not born in the summer, it’s my favorite time of the year, taking into account I live in a four-season climate. The summer of 2015 was a summer I will always remember, like many of the summers before. … Continue Reading