6 Travellers answer: What are the possible dangers of travelling?

Travelling is not always going smooth, and being constantly active and on the move can put oneself in dangerous situations. Therefore, a responsible traveller should always be aware of the soundings and ask himself/herself: “What are the possible dangers of travelling?” Some fellow travellers helped me answer this question. Here is their answer to “What are … Continue Reading

How I planned a 1 Month Trip in Europe – On a Budget

Some time ago, I’ve discovered my passion for travelling and more specifically for travelling alone. Yes, it was scary, but this is how  I planned a 1 month trip in Europe, travelling alone, on a budget. Why travel alone? It gives me this immense freedom of doing what I want when I feel like it, and … Continue Reading

What does a perfect trip look like?

Is there something we can call a perfect trip? What does it look like? Where should I go? Having a limited budget for travelling and often, limited time, we all want to make the most out of it. It helped me a lot to hear other’s experiences, and it always helps me decide for my … Continue Reading

6 Travellers Answer: Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

I am always curious about the people I meet and I like to talk about travelling. This is the first question from a 6 question interview I’ve asked some friends I’ve met in my travels or from home. I believe it points out perfectly how we all are unique and how that is perfectly ok. … Continue Reading

Sankt Petersburg metro bombing attack gave me goosebumps

I was visiting St. Petersburg for the last 3 days. This morning I got up early, after 3h of sleep and got to the airport to catch the flight back to Moscow. By the time I got to the airport, my flight was cancelled. But they booked me a ticket for the next one, which … Continue Reading