Experience Bucharest: The Biggest Tourism Event in Romania (12-16 May)

12-16 of May is the date of “Experience Bucharest”, the biggest tourism event aiming to place the Romanian capital among the favourites Eastern Europe touristic destinations. 

The event will promote Bucharest at an international level, by inviting hundreds of social media influencers to participate. Experience Bucharest is the first voluntary project of the Travel Massive Romania community and is estimated to have an audience of 10 million people.

International bloggers, vloggers, Instagram influencers and journalists will be part of this innovative event, being part of the many touristic tours experiences, a conference about the best practices in tourism and networking evening events.

The participants are free to decide their own schedule, mixing the many activities proposed by the organisers.

We are all volunteers in this project. With a budget that is a few hundred times smaller than an ad campaign on Eurosport, we estimate that we will have a fantastic impact. We want to promote the diversity of experiences offered by Bucharest towards a unique audience of at least 10 million. We invited very active people and with visibility at an international level, who are passionate about travelling. These influencers showed their availability to take part in the challenge we presented them with, to come to Bucharest and experience the unique spirit of our city” – Tudor Maxim, founder of Experience Bucharest.

Tudor  Maxim positioned the Experience Bucharest event as a milestone for the Romanian capital city tourism:

The direct purpose is the tourism promotion of the Capital, but we are planning concrete benefits for everyone who is active in the fields connected to tourism: airline companies, hotels, restaurants, cafes, tour organisers. We want the increase of average overnight stays in Bucharest from 2 to 3 nights and the creation of valuable content on all media and social media channels”.

Experience Bucharest aims to become an annual event, and for its first edition, over 100 volunteers are involved in the organisations. Several companies have already announced their support for this independent event, including Garanti, Toyota, Btonic, Paravion, Wizz Air, Aqua Carpatica, Autonom, Uber, Pernot Ricard, F64.

Contact tudor@puravidahostels.ro, www.travelmassive.com

The official website of the event is experience-bucharest.com and hashtag is #ExperienceBucharest.

 EDIT: There is a contest for Facebook and Instagram to win VIP invitations and much more. Join Experience Bucharest contest!


Experience Bucharest


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