Paris touristic experience and real facts

But how does a tourist feel like in Paris? Tips and tricks anyone? Long time ago a friend of mine said it’s better in life to not have such high expectation, because when you do, the disappointment can also be big. Therefore I had not so great expectations, but still there must be something great … Continue Reading

50 things I learnt in 1 month of travelling

Every journey is an adventure and the journey itself is one very valuable experience. It teaches you things which otherwise you had no idea you can do, or not. I’ve made a list of the small and significant things I learnt in 1 month of traveling. One month traveling looks like this :

Are you there Valentine?

I dreamt of you. And I have no way to tell you or let you know. It was so unreal, but it felt so real. I dreamt even the small details and the depths of my feelings. I dreamed of you in a way in which I never got to explore you, but I also … Continue Reading