Great Things Which Happened To Me After I Started Travelling Alone

Most people still don’t get why travelling alone is beneficial. I was just like them, sceptical. And that sound scary. But here I am, writing this to let the word out and tell you that all you need is to travel! Because really great things have happened to me after I started travelling alone are: … Continue Reading

20 Signs You Are A Travel Addict

I’ve never considered myself an addict. I mean, do I look like someone with an addiction?! Addiction is a strong word, and most of us don’t identify with it. Then I discovered the virtual environments, like Facebook and Instagram and I really like it. Some of my close friends were making fun of me, telling … Continue Reading

Travelling alone for the first time

I believe travelling is a journey of self-discovery. A journey which can change you as a person, and possibly your entire life to come. Sounds like a big burden to bear in mind, while planning your next holiday. Most of the times you know intuitively what kind of scenery you would enjoy. Or if you don’t, … Continue Reading