The Shape of My Stars

It’s hard to draw a shape of my stars. Of my life. Of my heart. What is out there already is such a small part of it all. But that’s not the shape of the whole. I’m not that person to hide and pretend anymore. I have an outline of myself now and I know where … Continue Reading

Great Things Which Happened To Me After I Started Travelling Alone

Most people still don’t get why travelling alone is beneficial. I was just like them, sceptical. And that sound scary. But here I am, writing this to let the word out and tell you that all you need is to travel! Because really great things have happened to me after I started travelling alone are: … Continue Reading

The journey of self-discovery

  My thoughts from a journey of self-discovery which changed my life was not a topic I’ve ever thought of writing about. But I want to share this with all my friends and everyone else who needs it. Because I am sure you do. Since you are here already. And that’s ok. Standards and expectations. … Continue Reading