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Your next destination is yet to be determined, but luckily there are plenty of options. Whether it's a long road trip through the rolling hills of Europe, or a journey to a new culture to immerse yourself in new traditions, I hope you get to experience all the adventures you’re dreaming of.

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Hi there! I'm Iulia, and I'm a traveler at heart with a passion for discovering new cultures and experiencing the world in all its beauty. I've been traveling for many years now, focusing on Europe, and I'm always looking for my next adventure.
I love all destinations, but I believe that not all destinations are the same. The idea of a "perfect destination" is a myth - a place is only perfect if it perfectly connects with an individual's needs, emotions, social expectations, and passions. That's what makes travel so fascinating to me - exploring how people live differently in different corners of the world and discovering that no matter where you go, people are inherently friendly and want to explore and grow on a personal level.

Join me on my adventures as I share my travels and offer tips and inspiration to others!

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