28 things I’ve learnt in 28 years of life

#1 Being nice to people always pays off. It might not seem like a big deal at the moment. It might even seem useless, but a day or a year can pass, and that niceness will come back to you. The thing is, don’t expect that someone to give you something back. Just be genuinely nice, and good things will follow.


#2 Travelling is the best thing I’ve discovered so far. Delivers almost everything I need: freedom, new, innovation, creativity, exploration, life. And it gets addictive. I believe each and every one of us should travel alone at least once in his/her life. It’s life-changing.


#3 If you’re in doubt, you should probably do it. Nothing will ever seem like the right thing to do. EVER!! Not a single thing that I’ve done felt just right at the beginning and looking back, I cannot say for certain that any of it was really bad. None.


#4 People will always try to pull you down. And most of them not on purpose. The biggest problem I ever faced was when people really close and dear to me were pulling me back. Good thing I always have my intuition with me.


#5 I became free the moment I decided I care about greater things than material stuff. Things break, get outdated, get lost or stolen. That’s why people shouldn’t get attached to objects. It’s just crazy.


#6 Matrix. I believe this whole society looks more and more like the MATRIX. (PS.Watch the movie. Amazing)


#7 Thinking about what others think about me is a huge waste of time! I am not here to worry about what they think of me, but what I can do is to be the person I am proud to be. And then I will worry if the people around me are the people I want to be around. It’s not a matter if THEY like me, but if I LIKE THEM.


#8 Solitude is not an option. On the long term. Sorry guys, people are just not meant to grow, live and die alone. Not happening.


#9 The biggest fears and barriers I’ve ever faced were in my head. That I could be a model. That I wouldn’t sing. That I couldn’t travel. All bullshit. But, and that’s a big but, it’s in no way easy! Like the famous saying, nothing worth having ever comes easy.


#10 If you enjoy what you’re doing, then it’s not wasted time. Ever. I used to rush through life to get to ….what?? Then I realised and started to slow down. Best times I’ve ever lived.


#11 The people you surround yourself will definitely change your life. You have no idea.


#12 Don’t settle. With bad relationships, terrible jobs, bad weather, it’s not worth it. You only live once. And it’s not enough to at least try once all the cool and great stuff. So why waste time with things you don’t enjoy?


#13 Ask!! All the time! Whatever I need I don’t know, I need to ask because there is someone who for sure knows the answer. So why waste the time? Just ask!

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#14 There is so little that I need to live a happy life. I don’t need most crap that this over-commercialized society is trying to sell every day. Pff. It took me years to learn this one and even now I get somehow tricked into buying stuff. Because those stupid marketing strategies work!! Till this day, my only solution to this problem is to stay as far away as possible from shopping malls, and any place that uses aggressive marketing.


#15 No TV! Such a waste of time. It’s like this universe created just for selling stuff. All the programs created for TV are only meant to catch people’s attention so that they can sell you stuff. That’s why all the great programs that have a high audience are bathed in commercials.


#16 People will always treat you the way you treat yourself. That’s why is important to develop the right mindset and use the kindest words towards yourself.


#17 Don’t expect what you don’t offer. Be that person you want to meet. People tend to reflect what they think, fear and love into others.


#18 Consistency will always top everything else. Sure it will take a while and it will not be the greatest thing ever, but I managed to finish a half-marathon after I trained myself for 2 months. I trained my mind and body every day. That made me a finisher.

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#19 Don’t follow the crowd. That’s the fasted way to depression.


#20 Moderation is key! In everything! Eating, talking, walking, buying, socializing, everything!


#21 If what I am doing doesn’t add any value to my life, then there is no point in doing it. The same applies to people.

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#22 Think before you talk! Or as my therapist says, count to 10 before reacting or saying anything! This applies more to those situations when things are tense and you tend to react on an impulse.


#23 If I want something to happen I have to do it myself and I have to have a plan! Nobody else gives a shit.

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#24 One must first learn to be at peace with oneself! I have to first love myself before asking someone else into my life, to share my time and memories with! If I am not happy by myself, to begin with, nobody else will make me happy. PS. Being alone doesn’t mean to be lonely.


#25 Trust your intuition! Best thing I ever did was to trust mine. Somehow, it knows what you were meant to do.

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#26 Failure is a necessary part of life. People wouldn’t become better if they would never fail. I need to fail, learn and that’s how I will grow. Because after failing a bunch of time I will have no other option than to succeed.


#27 Fears control us. Fears give us our thoughts, which then turn into words and then actions. But every decision I ever made came out of fear or passion. Once I realize what those were, I felt safe and calm.


#28 Whatever I do, I either enjoy doing it or I don’t do it at all. Don’t compromise! My time, my energy, my life!



Happy Birthday to me!

Iulia Vasile

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