Here I am, in my bed, past midnight, staring at my window. And there is a pulsing white light moving in the dark, clear night sky. It’s a plane.

The first thought was that it was descending. And the second one was the image of me, inside that place, the feeling of being there, now, at this late hour. Wondering where I was going.

If this isn’t a sign of post-travel depression, I don’t know what is.

Then I started thinking, if I have thoughts like this one, rather often, and when do they mostly occur.

By the time I was trying to formulate any logical thought in my mind, I had visualised the entire content of this post. Sounds crazy, but trust me, it’s not. Here you have it, the 5 symptoms of post travelling depression. (I just made up that term, it’s not a medical/psychological condition, from what I know)


5 symptoms of post travelling depression

Probably there are more, but I find the number 5 just enough to know you are special. Welcome to the special kind of people. Don’t worry, we are more than you thought.


post travelling depression

1. I cannot sleep at night, although I am very tired

I had a headache all day long, felt like it was my last day on Earth. I was looking forward to get home, and just get to bet, to get rid of the pain. And when I finally switched off the light, surprise! Foreign lands were whispering to me.

I cannot get my mind to stop the endless cycle of stories of places, islands and trains I want to be on, it just goes on and on. And it’s so tiring, you would think, this should get me to dreamland in no time. Wrong. Got me up trying clothes and checking aeroplane tickets. Or Google maps.

post travelling depression


2. Whatever money I have, I always think how to save it for travel

All the time!

Are there sales?! I don’t care! I have enough clothes. I look good in them, even if they are from the 2015 summer collection. I feel good, thinking about the things I do and experience, while travelling. That puts a big smile on my face. Best thing to wear, anytime. The rest of my outfit looks great, no matter what it is. Because I always have my smile with me.

Food. I can cook at home. I eat vegan, so it’s hard for me to eat out anyway. Why bother?!

Going out. Well, going out is about having a good time. Spending money (or a lot of money) is a choice, not a requirement. Also, if you ask me out, don’t expect me to pay for the coffee. Not going to happen.


post travelling depression

3. I cut any connection with people who never travel

Those people are so boring! I just run away. I’m sure some of you (the people who don’t travel) are just great, but just to be sure, I’m not gonna hang around too long to find out. Nothing personal, just have to take care of myself. (And my sanity)

Also, people who have travelled too much and cannot stop from bragging are not the best company. Only makes the depression worse.


post travelling depression

4.  I am fascinated by train stations and airports

It’s the same feeling a kid gets inside a candy shop. That’s me.

I don’t live too far from the main train station, and I was passing by the other day. I stared at it and felt the urge to get inside. It’s not the prettiest train station, and it stinks. But for me, it’s a place which offers opportunities.

Just imagine you can buy train tickets and jump on a train, and within a few hours or a day, to be in a different country.

I miss so bad those long train rides.



5. I am terrified to do anything else than travel

The thought of time passing and me not use it to travel, makes no sense. Such a scary thought, I try to push it away as fast as possible, because this one gets me really depressed and it can last for days to snap out of it.

Terrible place to be it, but making a plan to visit something, it’s just the right antidote.


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5 symptoms of post travelling depression


Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a traveller and her obsession started in her teenage years. Her aim is to discover as much as possible from this world and to inspire others to do the same! The ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth is travelling and this is what she discovered after years of depression. Now she shares her stories here. Describing experiences for others who might need them.

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    1. Thank you!!
      Yes, I always think about that :)) I think about how much money I have and where can I travel to with what I have and for how many days it will be enough. I used to think it’s something weird about me, but now I know I am not the only one who sees money like that :))

        1. There are many factors to take into consideration. So far I’ve been travelling mostly alone, and I was always on a budget. I cannot really say fit into the typical tourist definition since I travel to a place to find and discover something within myself, and I am not putting the destination above my needs.

          1. The more off the beaten path, the more challenges and the more potential personal growth, discovery and development! But I, at least, have my limits. I’m not [yet] very comfortable going too far outside my comfort zone. ?

  1. I have been there Julia. I actually became more accepting of home, than, I really loved and felt grateful for home, with each successive trip but I know how the airport thing goes. My wife and I always get excited when we pass an airport, and when we go to JFK in a month and a half for our trip to Thailand we will be REALLY excited ? Rocking blog. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you for your comment! And thank you for your good energy! The world needs more of that! Keep on spreading the good vibes!
      And have the greatest time in Thailand! I love Asia!

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