things I learnt after I quit my job

5 things I figured out after I quit my job

There are small epiphanies we all have, some of us maybe every day. But most of us will never quit a job, just because it doesn’t feel right. We always find new bulshit to give ourselves about why we hate it, or why we need it. Nonsense. This are the 5 things I figured out after I quit my job.

I got through school quite easy, and I was always seen as a good student, always getting high grades, and always being among the firsts in my class. It felt good. “You are smart” they said. Till highschool, when I started to get the taste of friendships, fun outside school, parties and social life in general. But I was still above average, so there was no panic. By the time I got to college, which my parents choose for me, I realized my fault was not saying out loud what I really wanted to do with my life.


After a bumpy journey in adulthood, I find myself here, today: Quitting my job, after 1 year and a half of working in an Romanian IT company, which is basically what all my colleagues from faculty are doing now, except for the “Romanian” part. Many would ask “why”, and others ask “what do you want to do next, how will you earn a living”. I may seem childish, because my answer is simple: I smile and tell them “ I will see what happens”.

The moment I said “goodbye” to my office desk, I felt more free than I felt in the last 2 years, and that is actually the feeling we are all looking for. Freedom, confidence and happiness. But many of us are too scared to take a leap of faith and stepping outside their comfort zone, while they keep drowning in the darkness of a huge corporation. But now I finally felt free.

And then I started to feel stressed, but another kind of stress, that one kind that would make you do something and take action, because from now on I had no salary to rely on each month, and life is not standing still, each breath is a cost to pay.

This is what I found out:

  1. Your job is not everything!

What about friends from high school and college?! What about your dreams of becoming a singer or a dancer? Maybe you realize you are not good enough to get paid to do that, but never quit your hobbies, that’s the only way you stay active and never bored.

A day doesn’t have to start at 9 and finish at 6 pm, you can have other friends too, besides the colleagues from work, and nobody will pay you extra if you spend all your life at the office.


  1. You are your own boss.

Be careful what you do with your time, because nobody is buying it anymore, so make it priceless and make the best out of it: travel, explore, sleep, read. Resume your hobbies from college and meditate about your life, future, friends and family.


  1. A peaceful soul is the key to happiness.

Not a good paid job, the richest boyfriend or the shiniest car. No!

Happiness comes from within, from your peace of mind and soul. Do whatever it takes so that when you put your head down at night, you fall asleep with a smile upon your face, no matter the reason. (That would imply to sleep at night, which is another key component of happiness, the comfortable one. Your body needs comfort and carrying to feel good!)

I’ve done this by volunteering and serving my time to give something back to society and the ones who need it. There is no price for that. Read more about my volunteering time and volunteer experience.


  1. Mixing is everything: free time, friends, hobbies, meditation.

Don’t use all of your time to think about what to do in life, because eventually you will start to overthink every decision, even the most unimportant ones, and that will lead to becoming too scared to take any actions or decision.

Too much free time can lead to depression and can develop into a permanent state of worrying. Find the right balance for you.

I sing, have good laughs with my few friends left and travel. Read some funny and useful travel tips I found out the hard way.


  1. Sleep! Read! Listen to music!

We all know and feel how as we get older, our body need more rest, needs to relax more, and sometimes when we push ourselves , it needs more time to get back in shape (comparing to high school time for example). That’s why I cannot get over this very important step towards achieving a happy live:

It all starts with a good night sleep!

As well as the body, our mind need to get rid of stress to relax and to care of it. Offer yourself the most beautiful music, the most motivational books, and the most relaxing music. I often change my preferences, depending on my mood, day and most of the time…. The weather.


Relax! (The mood I was in when I wrote this, sounds something like this. Don’t be shy, get up and dance, sing… do whatever you feel like)

The moment you realize there is no one in your life brave enough to say it, or there is no one who can say it… you know you are in the wrong place, wildly wandering on other people’s path.

It’s time to let it go and make it happen. Time does not wait, you have to make it happen.

“Always do what you gotta do baby”

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