5 Things That Can Save Your Vacation From Calamity
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5 Things That Can Save Your Vacation From Calamity

There are few things in the world more rewarding than travel. It’s when we travel outside of our comfort zone and leave the quotidian worries of work, home and family behind that we truly come alive. Parts of our brain that have lain dormant while we were stuck in the old routine can come alive and you can feel years or even decades younger as you wander the streets of far flung land with childlike wonderment in your eyes. However, while travel can be a blessing it can also be a curse. When you are far from the familiar you are also far away from your support network. You can feel vulnerable and at risk, and a whole host of problems from delayed flights to bad weather can threaten to plunge your vacation into chaos and calamity.


However, no matter where you go and whatever you do, take these 5 things with you and your vacation can always be saved from calamity…

A travel belt

If you’re visiting one of the world’s, major urban centres you will likely be ideally placed to see wonders of architecture, meet fascinating people and try wonderful food and drink in the nation’s best cafes and bars. However, you may also be at risk from thieves and pickpockets too. Leaving your belongings in a purse, handbag or backpack can make them vulnerable to the prying hands of thieves. Pack a travel belt, however, and your important belongings like money, passports and important travel documents are easy for you to access but virtually impossible for anyone else to get at.


Wherever you go it’s vitally important that you feel safe and looked after and that even if the worst should happen you will be able to weather the storm without your finances being decimated. This is why travel insurance is so important. Not only can you insure your belongings from theft, you can also ensure that if you are injured in your travels you will be able to receive the medical care you need anywhere in the world without your finances being wiped out.

A medical evacuation service

If you are the kind of person who thrives on adventure and excitement your idea of a perfect vacation may be trekking faraway hills or climbing gigantic mountains. However, if you are a thrillseeker it’s essential that you have measures in place to mitigate the risks. Make sure that you are in touch with a service like Air Evac International Air Ambulance on hand to ensure that even if you’re travelling somewhere remote, you can be taken to safety and given the medical attention you need if the worst should happen.

Bottled water

There’s nothing more likely to ruin your holiday than spending your days hugging the toilet. You should be able to enjoy the delicious foods of your chosen destination without fear of the dreaded “Delhi belly”. Your greatest defense against this, however, is bottled water. It will prevent you from needing to drink or wash fruit and veggies in local tap water and ensure a predictable stomach when you need it most.

A positive attitude

Finally, perhaps the most important thing to pack is a positive attitude. Positivity can make the sunshine visible even through the most violent storm. It can help you to see the charm and beauty even in a disappointing location and prevent a mishap from being perceived as a disaster. So make sure you pack enough positivity for the whole family!

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