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Why is personal development so important? A story to remember #personaldevelopment #personalgrowth #selfimprove

Why is personal development so important?

Personal development was the key that started this blog and restarted my life on a path that I love and feel happy about. Personal development is a journey that nobody talks about, or maybe it’s just my society that excludes it as a topic, but it’s the core pillar of a healthy grown-up life. I want to share my story of what the lack of personal and...

The secret of personal development solo travelling self improvement journey

The secret to personal development

Some years ago, I first published my life’s manifesto towards personal development as a journey and tried to explain why I use solo travelling as a tool for personal growth. It was the moment I took blogging seriously, bought my domain and started publishing on a regular basis. I had no idea what I was doing, and how could this even be a niche for a blog. I had...