Amsterdam thoughts

IMG_20150914_141441I find myself in Amsterdam for the second time in less than 1 year. I realized once more that people are free to choose whatever they want. If you want to achieve something, you will, if you want to be admired, you will, and if you want to travel, put all your attention into that and you will.

After stop saying “I want to…. , BUT … ” and started doing my best to acquire what I really wanted, I DID achieved it. Travel is one thing that is not in my culture, and I can realize how lucky I am to be able to choose whatever I want to do. I am sorry I didn’t build sooner the courage to do it. Most european cultures do encourage traveling, and offers loads of opportunities to do so.

I have a beautiful view from the room, which is exactly what I wanted. The weather is a little cold, since I was hoping for a warmer weather in September. Last November was kind, and I was lucky enough to enjoy a sunny weather. But the atmosphere has the same spirit.


The rain is pouring a bit heavier now, making the people disappear from the sidewalk. Fewer bicycles wander on, and all you can hear is the raindrops hitting the street and the car wheels. The white sky looks like a huge space filled with hope and endless possibilities.

As the raindrops wander not knowing their destination, I ask myself: “Where to wander next?”. I can’t help stop thinking about the excitement of life, what brings it in, and what to do to have more of it. I wish there was a recipe discovered by science, but there is no such thing, and mostly because it’s different for each and everyone of us.
As I sit in front of my window, I can see people living in the apartments in the building across the street. I tried to imagine myself living here. And I realized it’s a beautiful city to visit, but I love my country’s weather more. I realized I love to travel, but I always want to go home, because I haven’t found yet a place , that could make me move there. I love my travels, but I adore my country.

Actually, it’s not about the place, it’s about the people. Although I am mostly alone, I am not lonely. I have my few friends, which make my life better, I have my family, the weirdest bunch of people that could live in the same house, and I have my dog. That’s the difference between a place to stay and a home. And that is why they say “if you are not happy, leave”. Because life is a journey, and you should enjoy it.
Most people are terrified by the thought of not knowing what’s going to happen next, but for me it’s making me feel alive. The power of opportunities give me the wings I need to carry myself through life. The connections are endless, and so are the opportunities.

Some photos from my trip to Amsterdam:


IMG_20150917_132908 IMG_20150917_124259 IMG_20150917_124001 IMG_20150917_122020 IMG_20150917_120040 IMG_20150917_115854 IMG_20150916_171944 IMG_20150916_152506 IMG_20150916_130436 IMG_20150915_224839