Are you there Valentine

Are you there Valentine?

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I dreamt of you. And I have no way to tell you or let you know. It was so unreal, but it felt so real. I dreamt even the small details and the depths of my feelings. I dreamed of you in a way in which I never got to explore you, but I also got the hint why the bigger reality is the way it is.

But as much I was trying to hold on to that dream, that image, and that feeling, my eyes then opened and I was just staring at the ceiling, trying not to lose it all. But as the seconds passed, it was all fading away and I realized I don’t even remember your name, your life and that I have no clue why I dreamed of you. Or why did I dreamed at all, because usually I don’t, or I don’t remember it. I admit it was a bit intriguing.

Good thing I still have you in my phone contacts, but probably that’s blocked too. I remember I saw a small series of reality inspired episodes. And there was one in which you, as a real person, could block the people in your life, and they would become unhearable and an indistinguishable image, the for the one who was being blocked it was the same with the person who had blocked him/her. As you can imagine, after a while, when you get tired to try to communicate, the blocked person decides to leave, and have a different life, elsewhere.

A relationship requires two people, who want each other in their life. Not the mirage of excitement build up the waiting of the encounter of two different needs. Or at least it should be the same need, maybe that would make it last longer. I hope you are happy, and I hope I will be too.

I’m not an expert on this, actually, this is the part in my life where I have the most work to do. But I know this: Don’t let anyone or anything stand in between you and whatever or whoever makes you happy, because that would be a waste of time, and we only live once.

Happy Valentine’s!


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