Describe Berlin in 1 Word!

World travellers are trying to describe Berlin in 1 word. This is for you if you are wondering if you should travel or even move to Berlin. They were also asked to compare 2 German cities. Berlin vs. Munich. Most chose Berlin.

After my second visit, I realised just how huge Berlin is, and it could never be described using just one word. So I talked to some new locals and bloggers, and basically, anyone who wanted to talk to me… and I asked them about their home. Berlin. And asked them to describe Berlin in 1 word.

“Berlin in 1 word is…”

Weird. Cool. Fun. Different. Berlin is anything you want it to be.

Not my words, but theirs. The travellers who chose it to be their home. At least for a while.

When we travel someplace, we don’t worry that much about how that particular place feels like and what it offers back. Because we assume we travel to develop ourselves and become an improved version of ourselves. So that’s why we should take this into consideration on top of most stuff. Or maybe that is just me.

I find it interesting what and why so many people, from all over the world, decide that this is THE place. They might not have a lot in common, but they all agree in saying BERLIN IS THE PLACE.

In my pursuit of understanding how this place, which was a symbol of oppression of divided souls, I explored the city as much as I could in 2 days and developed these 3 cool self-guided tours, which I recommend for any first-time traveller to Berlin. But I promise even those for the second and third time might find it useful. 

1. Berlin Before and After the Wall: How the West Won (and Where It Got Them)
2. Berlin Before and After the Wall: Central Berlin 
3. Berlin Before and After the Wall: Berlin’s Culture 

tempelhof berlin self-guided tour

The world capital of fun. Of people. Filled with love.

Again, not my words, but theirs. I, for one, as a mere traveller, felt from my first trip to Berlin, that I would go back, and not just once. It is just that place where you enjoy getting lost; you love the unknown and cannot wait for the next random thing to happen to you on your way to your next place. It’s a feeling, and it gets you addicted to it.

It doesn’t let you get bored. Or sleep. This place never sleeps, and it is never tired. It definitely has something for anyone, and it is one of my favourite places in Europe, although I haven’t been to all European countries (YET!).

Berlin is FUN

This is why I will let others convince you how cool Berlin really is. They are people who moved to Berlin from all over the world… Australia, the US, UK, Canada, Munich (which is also in Germany)… and some others who didn’t want to be in the video.

If you are still wondering if you should move to Berlin, this is for you. Because you will. Travelling to Berlin is a have-to.

Berlin vs Munich. Most chose Berlin.

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