What are the best Bucharest vegan restaurants?

Bucharest is not famous for anything related to the vegan lifestyle and the Romanian cuisine isn’t abundant in vegan dishes. But over the past few years, more and more vegan restaurants have opened in Bucharest. I want to tell you about my favourite vegan restaurants in Bucharest.

But first of all, I have to mention something not a lot of foreigners know about Romanian traditions and cuisine. Yes, Romanian cuisine is considered to be tasty but heavy due to the many animal products used to cook it, but most locals know and eat vegan sometimes, although they don’t realise it.

Does the Romanian cuisine have vegan foods? YES!

You see, Romania is an Orthodox country, and the religious holidays are a big thing. A large part of the population still attends weekly church services and even more attend them for holidays like Christmas and Easter.

The point that I want to make is that since there are so many religious people, the culture has adapted to the situation. Before each religious holiday, Christmas, Easter and other smaller once, it is a custom to fast. Fasting is different for each religion, but in the Orthodox religion, it basically means to do good and be a good person and to adopt a strictly vegan diet.

The only thing is that we don’t call it vegan, we call it “post”.

And post means fasting. So if you are visiting Romania during major fasting time, before Easter or Christmas, which hold for around a month each, then most traditional restaurants will include a “de post” menu, which is vegan.

But if you would ask for vegan food, they would have no idea what that is. Some extremely religious people do this fasting every Wednesday and Friday, so you can always ask the restaurant what they have for “post”.

But let’s now talk about the fancy vegan food, and where to find it. There are some really nice vegan restaurants in Bucharest, that locals, such as myself, love and you will love too. They are mostly small and cosy restaurants.

Top Bucharest vegan restaurants that locals love


Puțul lui Zamfir 50-52, Bucharest

Rawdia is one of the first vegan restaurants in Bucharest and it is situated in a very posh area. It has a medium sitting area, but it is recommended to book a table in advance, especially during lunch or dinner, during the week. The food is good, and they have all kind of reinterpretations of international dishes.

They are closed on Sundays.


Pictor Barbu Iscovescu 19, Bucharest

Barca is the closest you will find in Bucharest to look like a traditional restaurant, with a big menu and enough tables to fit smaller parties.

The staff is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and willing to suggest dishes based on your requirements. They offer a wide variety of raw vegan dishes as well.

Sara Green

Bulevardul Lascăr Catargiu 43a

Nicolae G. Caranfil 85

Sara Green is the first vegan fast food from Romania, and if you love burgers, then this place will not disappoint.

They have 2 locations since 2018, and they are open Monday to Saturday. The food is delicious, the prices are good and the staff is super friendly.

Bistro Raw Vegan

Transilvaniei 11

Bistro Raw vegan offers delicious daily menus (2 courses) at the best prices and the best vegan desserts. They have a variety of Raw and Vegan dishes, available for delivery, take away or served in their cosy restaurant.

Mr Cigkofte

Bulevardul Nicolae Bălcescu 18

Mr Cigkofte is a small Turkish street food place, right in the centre of Bucharest. I used to love cig kofte when I was living in Turkey and I am super happy we finally have cigkofte in Bucharest.

You haven’t tried cigkofte yet? It’s only bulgur, sauce, onion, garlic, walnut and spices. It looks like raw meat but it’s all vegan! You will love it! The staff is super friendly and they have amazing hummus!

Level Up

Sfânta Vineri 10, Bucharest

Level up is a vegan fast food place, where people with love for healthy food serve great alternatives to traditional junk food. It’s delicious.

The location is central and they even have raw pizza.


Splaiul Independentei NR 2F

Sublimmme is the place where you will find vegan and raw-vegan food and desserts, and one of their main dishes is the famous Beyond Burger. If you haven’t tried it, then this is a must.

More restaurants with vegan options in Bucharest (that I love)

Perhaps there are other restaurants that I don’t know about, but for now, I don’t feel there are enough vegan restaurants in Bucharest. The good news is that there are some really good restaurants with vegan options, which I love and I would eat at any of them any day, and that’s why I want to recommend them to you as well.

Wok pe Loc

Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 44, Bucharest

Wok pe Loc is the local version of the Asian wok. If you have been anywhere in Europe before (and not only), you might have noticed the WoktoWalk franchise. This is really similar to that. You can pick from a set of woks or make your own. You select the type of noodles you want, meat or tofu and other extras.

To make your wok vegan, you need to mention no egg (all woks have egg included) and to pick whatever veggie you want.


Strada Nicolae Racotă 3A

As a vegan or vegetarian, you need to be aware of the international cuisine and I’ve discovered that the Middle Eastern cuisine has so many vegan options. And they’re all delicious. My favourite country to travel to, based on the food criteria, was Jordan.

Beirut is a Lebanese restaurant with delicious food and can accommodate vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters. I highly recommend it. And you always get vegetables on the house! And no meal is complete without the spicy potatoes!


Strada Luigi Cazzavilan 25

Arome is a cosy bistro, with a backyard terrace available in the summer and some great, healthy food. Soups, burgers, sandwiches are on their menu and it’s delicious. For everybody, but the vegan options are actually great!


Calea Victoriei 142-148

I’ve walked past Coolinart so many times, and it’s always full. It’s a cosy restaurant, in a central location. They have options for all healthy eaters, not just vegans.


Strada Negustori 26

Simbio is known as a cool, hipsterish place in the old part of the city, central, where you go for a coffee and a quick snack, or have a brunch with a couple of friends. The options are great for everybody.

Simbio offers catering and is often seen at street festivals with their food truck.

Soup Up!

  1. Promenada Shopping mall
  2. Pipera Plaza (shopping mall)
  3. Baneasa Shopping City (shopping mall)
  4. Piata Amzei Strada Piața Amzei 7-9
  5. ParkLake shopping mall

You can guess, based on the name of this place, that it’s all about soups. Always fresh and available all around the city, they always have vegan and vegetarian options. Soup Up! has 5 locations at the moment and you can eat at the location or on the go. The space is usually small, but the soups are delicious.

Coming to Bucharest soon? Save this post for later! Also, check out my top recommendations for my hometown, Bucharest:

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