Biking in Bucharest – Why we should all do it!

I heard many times “Bucharest is not the place to go biking, outside a park.. there is no bike lane… the drivers are not used to bikes etc”. I learnt some time ago, that I need to test things before deciding. That’s why I needed to go biking in Bucharest.

Why we should all go biking in Bucharest

 It will result in less traffic

Have you ever wondered how much physical space we would save if we would fit all the people from the cars in busses or on bicycles? A lot. Whenever I see a street full of cars, sitting in traffic, this is what I think about.

I find it really hard to understand why people rather spend 1 hour in traffic when we could just take a bus, or go biking in Bucharest.

Imagine going sightseeing in Bucharest, and not being stuck in traffic. Crazy, right?!

Biking in Bucharest

Biking is a great workout

I used to go to cycling classes. I was driving there. And a lot of times I had a hard time finding a parking place. That’s just hilarious, don’t you think? Occupying space with your big car, because you’re going to the gym, to move your stiff body from driving.

I used to wake up at 5 45 to get to the gym by 7 am!!! For an hour of cycling. Indoor cycling, that is! I was paying for it, too! I would never do that again. Such a waste of time and money. The workout was good but demanded so many resources.

Biking in Bucharest

Boosts up your serotonin

Or whatever it’s called that thing in our brains responsible for our happy levels. That feeling you get sometimes, that you can achieve anything, overcome everything, and be the king of the world.

For some chocolate does that, or sleeping, or singing. For a lot of people, it’s exercise. Try it out sometimes! You might be surprised how much you end up enjoying it.

PS: I’ve heard somewhere that serotonin it’s the leadership protein. Something like it makes you make things happen. Just do it already!

It’s cheap to go biking in Bucharest. Or anywhere.

It’s cheaper to go biking than any other means of transport.

As I stated in my short story about going to the gym: What’s the point in spending money and time to get to the gym to get a workout? It’s like we are insane. Why don’t we just get out and start running? or cycling?

Or even better (if you don’t enjoy any of the previous), just stay at home and have 30′ daily of exercise. While watching whatever you usually watch. Trust me, you can do it. I could, and I’m am so so lazy.

Bottom line, cycling it’s cheaper than any other means of transport, and it’s also a workout. Since we all love so much 2 in 1 stuff.

Biking in Bucharest

The takeaway

Yes. Bucharest needs us to go cycling. More.It’s cheap, makes the city less crowded, it’s a free and great workout. Maybe we’ll have a greener city one day. Who knows what could happen?!

Maybe we’ll have a greener city one day. Who knows what could happen?!

Rent a bike, try it out. Then maybe.. buy one?

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