Car Date Ideas: 15 Fun Things To Do On A First Date

Dating was never easy for any of us, and coming up with quarantine dates ideas isn’t making things any easier. But we can’t stop living just as we can’t stop the Earth from revolving around the Sun. That’s why I came up with these best car date ideas to sparkle your dates and set you off on a path of a great new relationship.

I was one of the lucky ones that got to enjoy bar hopping dates in an era before the pandemic even existed. But I do understand that right now there’s a need for fresh date ideas to inspire you and allow at least a casual first date during the pandemic. 

Most bars and restaurants may be closed, social events are mostly non-existent, and truth to be told, it’s unusual to want to go out with a complete stranger during a partial lockdown. 

You have to consider the health issues, safety and sanitary measures. You don’t know much about that other person, and it would be really inconsiderate of you to go out into the wild just for the sake of dating. 

BUT, as I mentioned before, the world is not dead. People continue to live, and we must adapt to the new social norms and learn how to socialise without jeopardising anyone’s sanitation rules. 

The point of these great and cosy car date ideas is that you can have a blast even during the worst time to date when typical date locations aren’t available. 

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Personal safety warning and recommendations

I tend to overthink everything, and the moment I thought about first dates and car date ideas, the issue of personal safety came to mind. 

It’s not just that the other person might have coronavirus, but it can be a dangerous person. And having a first date, with someone you don’t know, in a private space can be dangerous for you. 

That’s why I don’t recommend going on dates with complete strangers. And if you still decide to go, make sure you tell someone where you’re going, have your phone on and have a friend check up on you every now and then. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Always. 

Now, that I planted the safety seed in your mind, it’s time to discuss the cute car date ideas I have for you, preferably not for your first date. 

Car date ideas for a casual date

For many, it may seem hard to come up with some car date ideas to explore during the quarantine or some other special situation in which the traditional bars and restaurants aren’t open. Fear not, because I’ve done all the brainstorming and came up with some ideas for a casual car date. 

Takeaway coffee: Coffee date in the car

Cars are often seen as vehicles to take us places. 

But what do you do when, let’s say, the world is in a moderate lockdown, and there are no coffee shops open for you and your date? 

Well, you can hop in the car, pick up your date, and then pick up some takeaway coffee and have that coffee date in the car. If you think about it, it’s even more convenient, because you can choose the scenery.

If you have a favourite spot in your city, you can take your date there. That sounds like a friendly and casual date idea, just having coffee and getting to know each other. Most people are into talking on their first dates, so this car date idea might be perfect. 

Movie date: Drive-in movie

We all love a good movie, and it also gives us a great conversation topic afterwards. While cinemas are closed, open-air cinemas are the perfect solution for the current world situation.

If you don’t have any open-air cinemas in your city, I’ve got you covered. Check out the first car date ideas under creative dates.

Fast food date: Drive-in / take-out food dinner date

If you’re planning one of your first dates with your partner, then dinner is always expected and most appreciated. Plus, you’ll get to know what the other person likes to eat and maybe you can find more topics to talk about. Food is like a catalyser for getting to know new people.

Sure, the restaurants are closed, but most drive-ins are still open, and the rest have the takeaway option. Decide on what food you want. You can even try a mix of different cuisines since it is takeaway and then go to your favourite place in the city, park the car and enjoy your dinner night out. 

City tour: Drive around town

Driving around aimlessly sounds lame, but when you call it a city tour, things start to sound more interesting. 

Car Date Ideas: 15 Romantic Things To Do On A First Date

It can be a fun fact city tour, historical tour if you’re both into history, childhood tour to help you get to know each other. And the list doesn’t stop here. Any kind of tour can work. And to be honest, this is not an improvisation.

A city tour without a car wouldn’t be a city tour. Make sure to have a list of places you want to visit before you go on your city tour date so that you don’t get stuck after your second location.

Try to plan for 5-10 locations, depending on how far they are from each other. And of course, describe each place, tell your partner about your memories there or whatever the point of the tour is. 

Car party date: Party in the car

Lots of my friends miss the long party days when the clubs were open until sunrise, and the music made everyone feel better. 

We can’t be planning anything with tons of people around, but what about a private party with your favourite music?! You can choose the location and can even have a karaoke moment. 

Casual car date ideas for those interested in psychology: People watching

For some, people watching might sound creepy or just a boring idea. I get that you’re looking for more action. 

But if you’re like me and have a wild imagination, you can spring in some crazy funny stories by looking at people. And we can all agree that fun dates are some of the best. You want to escape your apartment and have a good laugh. This is it.

The most important part of this casual car date is the location. Make sure to pick a location with lots of people, that will give you enough material for your stories. You can take turns in telling stories. Better yet, why not take rounds, and the best story of each round wins a point. Call it a competition, and you’ll get to know the real person sitting in front of you. 

Car date ideas for romantic dates

I have not forgotten about the romantics out there. You long for those romantic restaurants setups and timid kisses at the end of your date. Well, I have something even better for your romantic car dates ideas. 

Karaoke date in the car

I don’t know if you realise, but there is an entire karaoke culture out there, especially in Asian countries. To be honest, I also love to drive by myself and sing from the top of my lungs some of my favourite tunes.

If you’re into music, if you like singing, or just want to have a great time and don’t mind missing a note, then go someplace less populated and sing along your favourite songs. That’s an insane amount of fun for some people, myself included. 

Romantic car dates ideas: Stargazing

You may not realise the absolute freedom you have when you plan for a car date. The possibilities are endless. You can go places, see places, and most importantly, you can choose what to see and when. And what’s more romantic than planning for a night of stargazing with your partner?! 

You might need to do a bit of research beforehand to make sure you pick a good spot for stargazing and that nobody will bother you there. And then, you can make this date even more special and romantic by incorporating the next romantic car date idea. 


What’s glamping, you ask? It’s the word that was formed when combining glam and camping. If your car is big enough, you can lay back the back seats and put in some pillows, blankets and some cute lights to warm the atmosphere.

This must be planned for an evening date, and if it’s possible, maybe even spend the night out glamping. But do make sure you have packed the bare necessities if that’s your plan. 

Sunset Car Date

Who doesn’t love sunsets? While there won’t be a guarantee you’ll see the most magical sunset ever, it doesn’t hurt to check out the weather beforehand. Make sure it doesn’t ain. Again, location is everything for a sunset car date. I’m thinking of a hill or some sort of highrise close to the city. 

Breakfast at Sunrise

It doesn’t have to be an evening to have a car date. If you have known your partner for some while, having a breakfast car date while watching the sunset would make one of those romantic stories to tell to your close friends. I wish my boyfriend would take me on one of these if only he could drive. 

Car date ideas for creative dates

I’ve saved the best for last. Creative dates are the best kind of dates if you ask me. They are memorable and can really help you bond with your partner. So what are some creative car date ideas? 

Bring a projector for movie night

If open-air cinema is not an option in your city, then you’ll love this car date idea. You’ll need to bring a projector, and find a location with a white wall. You’ll also need to plan the logistics, such as choosing the movie, plugs and batteries, snacks and blankets. But this is memorable. Ana from came up with this idea, and I think it’s one of the best car date ideas. 

Mountain adventure

Road trip? Adventure? Day trip? YES! This is my favourite. As a traveller, it’s obvious that I prefer this kind of car date. Think about what beautiful mountains are close to your city and plan a drive to go see them. It will make some sort of mini day trip or a longer trip if you both have the time.  

Car date ideas: Scenic drive

Do you have a coastal road or a mountain road that’s not too from your hometown? Consider driving there for sunset.

You can have great talks to get to know each other, listen to some of your favourite music, sing-along, watch the sunset and admire the beautiful nature. It’s all-inclusive. Bring along some snacks and I call this a successful date. 

Game night in the car: I spy…

Once you’ve done all of the above car date ideas, you can start being more creative and plan some games. Board games too if that’s what you both love. But I’m thinking about some creative and interactive games, such as ‘I spy…’. Location is crucial and it will dictate the creativity of your games. Good thing you’re in a car, and you can move around. 

In the end, car dates should be fun!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to take all safety measures for your car date ideas. And don’t forget to have fun! Of course, if you feel sick, please postpone it. And to tell your friends you’re going out on a car date, so they can check up on you. 

I hope this list of casual, romantic and creative car date ideas will help you plan a memorable car date and will be the start of a long-lasting relationship. Check out this list of genius proposal ideas in case you want to take things even further.

And if you do choose to do one of these things, please come back and tell me how it went. I’m so curious!

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