Exploring Kuta Lombok, Indonesia for 3 days

Things To Do In Lombok: Exploring Kuta Lombok, Indonesia for 3 days

What are the main things to do in Lombok? Lombok is another beautiful island of Indonesia and I explored the South of Lombok during my 3 days in Kuta, Lombok. What is not to miss and which are the best beaches in South Lombok? What to do and how? Read more to find out what to do if you will be visiting Kuta Lombok, Indonesia! Lombok is very close to Bali and you can...

5-day itinerary in Bali for first-timers

5-Day Itinerary in Bali for First-Timers

Bali is the paradise island that most people dream about! I want to explain the 5-day itinerary in Bali for first-timers, that I followed as part of the Trip of Wonders campaign, which was organized by the Indonesian Minister or Tourism. All opinions are my own, but this itinerary was put together by the minister, so clearly it’s the absolute best itinerary for...

Holidays to Bali, Indonesia? Here is some Bali travel advice to know beforehand!

Holidays To Bali, Indonesia: Bali Travel Advice To Know Before You Go

The famous island of Indonesia: Bali #Paradise is not all paradise. If you are planning to go for your holidays to Bali, don’t imagine everything will be as you see on Instagram because it won’t be! In this Bali blog post, you will find the essential Bali travel advice to know before getting there! And since you are planning to visit Bali, you might be...