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3 days on the gili islands

How to spend 3 days on the Gili Islands, Lombok (based in Gili Air)

After spending 3 magical days on the Gili islands in Lombok, Indonesia, I wrote this complete guide about the Gili islands to get you started planning your trip to this paradise.
Find all info about boat trips around the Gili islands, where to stay in Gili islands, hot to get to Lombok, how to get to Gili islands and more.

Holidays to Bali, Indonesia? Here is some Bali travel advice to know beforehand!

Holidays To Bali, Indonesia: Bali Travel Advice To Know Before You Go

The famous island of Indonesia: Bali #Paradise is not all paradise. If you are planning to go for your holidays to Bali, don’t imagine everything will be as you see on Instagram, because it won’t be! In this Bali blog post, you will find the essential Bali travel advice to know before getting there! And …