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romanian easter traditions

5 Romanian Easter Traditions (Orthodox Easter traditions)

Easter is the most important religious holiday in the entire calendar, and I want to share some memories and some traditions regarding the Orthodox Easter. Some are still being kept, while some are more likely only remembered by the elderly. Let’s discover some of the Romanian Easter traditions aka Orthodox Easter traditions! The main religion …

mărțișor 1st of March is the change to honor ancestry in a fast-paced world
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Celebrating Mărțișor: The 1st of March is the chance to honour ancestry in a fast-paced world

For Romanians 1st of March has a powerful symbol, called “MĂRȚIȘOR”. In Romanian sounds like the younger brother of March. I was raised like it was a big thing, but I cannot remember the legend of this tradition. I guess is one of those things you grow up with, not questioning it too much. You only come to realize you don’t have a clue about it when someone who wasn’t aware of it (like a foreigner) asks about it. 1st of March in Romania is indeed a special day.