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corvin castle hunyad castle hunedoara castle romania

Corvin Castle, Romania: Why You Have to Visit The Medieval castle of Transylvania

Have you ever heard of Corvin Castle? In the southwest Transylvania, one representative castle of the Middle Age stands. The Hunedoara Fortress, which became the Corvin Castle (or how some call it, the Hunyad or Hunyadi Castle), is one of the most attractive places to visit today in Transylvania. The Corvin Castle in Romania is recognised …

Tg Jiu Brancusi sculptures the Endless Column

Exploring The Sculptures Of Brâncuși, In Tg Jiu, Romania

As a Romanian, I always wanted to visit Tg Jiu, where 3 breathtaking works of the world known sculptor are exhibited. Brancusi sculptures are famous, so I decided to make this place part of my 4-day road trip around Romania. Who was Constantin Brâncuși? Constantin Brâncuși was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer. He became famous in …

Bucegi mountains hiking

Hiking In The Breathtaking Bucegi Mountains in Romania, But Beware Of Bears

Instagram is full of beautiful, amazing, fantastic earth pictures. So most of the times we learn about the world through our phones. Through a screen. And from others. OK, screw that and get outdoors and climb a damn mountain. Now. Ok, next weekend. Do it. Maybe Bucegi mountains? Do you have a few days off …

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