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How did quarantine and self-isolation affect our lives?

How the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine and self-isolation changed our lives?

The COVID-19 pandemic is on the lips of everyone right now. And it has been going on for way longer than we all expected. It is an unprecedented event, then changed the way to live our lives, and I wrote extensively on the coronavirus crisis subject. That’s why I asked some friends about their experience. …

coronavirus crisis pandemic memes to make life in quarantine more bearable

Coronavirus Crisis: Coronavirus memes to make quarantine easier to bear

Unexpectedly, the coronavirus pandemic has made a complete mess of 2020, screwed travel plans, canceled football and schools, left millions without a job and the world is entering a new economic crisis. In spite of all that, we can choose to keep our optimism, and laugh a little. Let’s share some coronavirus memes to make …