cheapest countries to live in europe

Top 15 Cheapest Countries To Live In Europe

cheapest countries to live in Europe? Are you someone who’s seeking adventure, or merely looking to restart your life on fresh terms? Or, are you simply a digital nomad, young student or professional scouting for relevant opportunities to grow and evolve? If any of these conditions apply to you, then you may want to consider Europe. Pleasantly surprised? 

tips for travelling alone as a woman

Travelling Alone as a Woman: 7 Tips to Help You Go On Vacation Alone

To some, travelling alone as a woman might seem a desperate cry for help or attention. Honestly, I’ve heard them all, and after some years, I’ve decided not to care anymore.  I’ve started travelling more after turning 25, and most of my solo travels have been around Europe. After travelling to more cities than I can count, I want to share the knowledge and give...