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14 Songs To Put On Your Travel Playlist, For Any Travel Situation (because music makes all the difference)

Travelling alone is not easy, nor is travelling alone on a budget. You might know. Music helps. So I wanna share my travel playlist. Because music makes all the difference. It’s all up to me because I am responsible for my own comfort. Therefore I treat myself with good music. Over time I managed to build a …

WHAT ARE THE possible dangers of travelling?
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6 Travellers answer: What are the possible dangers of travelling?

Travelling is not always going smooth, and being constantly active and on the move can put oneself in dangerous situations. Therefore, a responsible traveller should always be aware of the soundings and ask himself/herself: “What are the possible dangers of travelling?” Some fellow travellers helped me answer this question. Here is their answer to “What are …

How I planned a 1 Month Trip in Europe on a Budget
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How I planned a 1 Month Trip in Europe – On a Budget

Some years ago, I’ve discovered my passion for travelling and more specifically for travelling alone. Yes, it was scary, but this is how I planned a 1(one) month trip in Europe, travelling alone, on a budget. One month in Europe: Why travel alone? It gives me this immense freedom of doing what I want when I feel …