How to claim your delayed flight compensation in the EU (Register before the flight)

How to claim your delayed flight compensation in the EU? Yes, there’s something you can do about it. Get the app that helps claim flight delay.

How to claim your delayed flight compensation in the EU?

Travelling is the best thing I’ve discovered in this life. I changed my perception over life and it helped me with my personal development. But happens when your travel plans get delayed by delayed or cancelled flights? Yes, there’s something you can do about it to get your money back from the airline. 

How to claim your delayed flight compensation in the EU (Need to register before the flight)
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After 2020, it’s more important than ever to be informed about your destination. Do they welcome people from your country? What’s the local situation? Are there any health issues? You have to know.  

But even when you do take all the necessary steps to make sure your trip will go as smooth as possible, there’s still a possibility that the flight gets delayed or cancelled.

While hoping it’s only a matter of time until you will finally reach your destination, let me tell you that there’s a simple and practical way to ensure that you will be compensated in case you get stranded in an airport. And I’m not just talking about passenger rights.

The truth is that is all about the airline. And some airlines are just better at keeping their passengers happy than others. 

But this isn’t about what airline is the best, but it’s about getting flight delay compensation. 

Passenger rights for cancelled flight or delayed flight

Because there are many airlines are dismissing any claims outside the EU, due to the lack of government regulation, you’ll have to inform yourself about each airline’s policy regarding flights cancellations, delays and denied boarding policy. They each have their own policy and the US and other governments don’t enforce any regulations to help passengers. 

But if you are in the EU, then I have some really good news for you. 

Since 2004, the EU has issued a new policy regarding stranded passengers, which entitles all those travelling within the EU or with EU carriers to get compensation in case something prevents them from reaching their destination. 

Passengers have this policy to protect them. Unfortunately for the passenger, airlines make it fairly difficult to claim those rights and get the pay. And that’ why most people never ask to get reimbursed. 

Who falls under this policy and has the right to claim any delays or cancelled flights? 

  • When you are travelling from the EU to another EU country (both EU and non-EU carrier)
  • When you are travelling from the EU to a non- EU country (both EU and non-EU carrier)
  • When you are travelling from a non- EU country to the EU (EU carrier)

How can you claim compensation for flight delays or cancelled flights?

The strenuous and time-consuming way would be to file a claim at court’s jurisdiction of that specific airline, in the country in which their headquarters is. And even so, after spending money with this, the court can rule that it wasn’t the airline’s fault. 

Is there any other way to claim flight compensation from an airline if you get stranded or have a flight delay of more than 1 hour?

Colibra App

Your head must be spinning after all this logistical talk.

And I get it. 

I don’t like to spend too much time figuring out what I have to do in case my flight gets cancelled, especially when that’s someone else’s job (which is obviously the case).

And that’s why I am so so glad to tell you about this great app that does all the heavy lifting for you and has you covered in case flights go wrong. 

I’m talking about Colibra app, a simple and intuitive app that will pay you if anything goes wrong. All you have to do is to scan your boarding pass up to 20 minutes before take-off. The app even informs you of any changes in the schedule of your flights, such as gate changes or delays. 

Long story short, Colibra is the app that will claim compensation for any airline delays for you, without any hassle. All you need to do is to scan your boarding pass. 

According to their website, Colibra will pay you in case something goes not a scheduled.

With our application, you don’t need to file a claim, or even pay money! Instead, if your flight gets delayed for more than an hour no matter the reason you can get €20+ compensation by simply scanning your boarding pass.

That’s what I want to hear in 2021. 

What do you have to do to claim your flight delay?

Everything is pretty straight forward. 

You will buy your plane ticket just as you would normally. Plan your holiday accordingly, to make sure you have the best time and don’t experience any inconvenience. If 2020 taught us anything, is to take travel precautions.

You only need to install Colibra app on your phone and scan your boarding pass, after you get it. Colibra takes care of the rest (and will claim your flight delay for you). 

Hopefully, you will reach your destination without any issues. But if those happen, know that Colibra will pay you an instant compensation between 20 and 100 euro each time your flight gets delayed over an hour!

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