Commons Bucharest: The coworking space to boost your productivity

Today I want to talk about a top co-working space in Bucharest.

Ever since I discovered remote working and freelancing, I realised that I could work from anywhere I wanted (not just from my own living room), and I enjoy it.

I worked my way to this career path and decided to make it one of my top priorities not to be tied down to a physical office anywhere in this world.

I value my time and flexibility so much that sometimes I choose my work based on this criteria (not just money).

Since I am not able to travel as much as I used to, I decided to explore new locations and experiences in my hometown, with the occasional road trip sprinkled in.

And that’s how I got acquainted with one of the coolest co-working spaces in Bucharest, Commons. Some even refer to it as the best co-working space in Bucharest, Romania.

I’m an extrovert (most of the time) with a sincere desire to work on my craft from a quiet and comfortable place.

When I’m at home, during the day, I switch my working station from my desk to the couch, to the bed (where I use all the available pillows to support my back). And to the desk again. I often think about how annoying I would be if anyone else would have to work with me in the same room.

That’s why I was reluctant to work from a co-working space in the first place. But I try to live up to my principles and give things a try even when I don’t really feel like it (escaping that comfort zone, you know?).

But, first of all, why did I consider a co-working space in Bucharest? What are the benefits of joining a co-working space? What’s in it for me? (because all I can think of are costs whenever I have to go somewhere – I’m a budget traveller after all)

What are the benefits of joining a co-working space in Bucharest?

As a person who always puts the budget at the top of the priority list, I tend to forget that creating the perfect environment to nurture creativity is a must. (I remember it each time I have to clean the kitchen and wash the pile of dirty dishes from the sink.)

I am always writing down new ideas I want to write about, new social media posts that I want to create and all kinds of things I want to read and learn about. My mind gets cluttered with so many random ideas, and physical untidiness doesn’t help either.

So the first benefit I discovered to joining a co-working space was the increased productivity of that day.

I managed to write the draft of a blog post, create content for Instagram, post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, reply to emails and apply for a new collaboration!!!

And all of these in a workday which started after 2 pm.

So there is a price for productivity after all? It’s a clean desk, a comfy seat and all-you-can-drink coffee?

Of course, the more productive I am, the more creative I am. This translates into a larger income.

Therefore, if I make more money, I can afford to pay for a space that delivers this kind of productivity.

Another aspect of working from a co-working space is the discipline to which you must adapt. 

If you are a budget freelancer (or company) and you pay for an office, you want to make sure you make good use of that space and time and try to offset your investment.

It might sound like a stressful situation to be in, but when you think about it, it’s quite the opposite. Having a goal and a deadline for it is the primary catalyst for your work.

What’s it like to visit Commons, the cool co-working space in Bucharest?

I ended up meeting the friendly people at Commons by chance, but things worked out because we connected. Sometimes you just click with people, you know?!

I am a believer of the Attraction Law in the sense that you (yes, each one of you) can attract the things you want in your life if you put in the effort to work on what you want in your life.

I don’t believe that all places are created equal for all people. We can’t all feel the same.

Not all people will be happy on a sunny and sandy beach in Indonesia, the same way, not all people get along with quiet and private places.

Commons offers a bit of both worlds.

I discovered colourful interiors, friendly people and good vibes. Besides this, they also offer more private spaces.

Somehow, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I can be by myself, in an open and exposed space, where everyone minds their own business. Or I can just use one of the meeting rooms or phone booths to have some privacy.

On top of all that, I was also surprised to discover their three locations. The 3 Commons locations are conveniently placed in Bucharest, to serve the needs of a diverse range of clients.

I see Commons as the perfect hybrid between flexible office rental and individual co-working space.

It’s hard to put into words what type of office they mean to substitute, because they seek diversity and offer great flexibility and personalised offers.

If I had to describe Commons using just one word, I would call it FLEXIBLE.

That’s why I am so enthusiastic about this co-working space.

I can easily integrate into my life a daily trip to Commons, and I enjoy the flexibility of the contract, built entirely on my needs.

I worked for years to achieve this flexible lifestyle, and I am happy to discover that there are complete office solutions that come to meet my needs as a freelancer.

So here are the three Commons locations, the cool co-working place in Bucharest.

Best coworking space in Bucharest: Commons Unirii

Address: Strada Halelor 5, Bucharest, Romania

Commons Unirii was the first Commons space, located in downtown Bucharest, right next to the old town.

I find this location to be perfect for freelancers and companies that look for a flexible and versatile office. It can be reached from all corners of the city as it is close to the metro.

The abundance of cafes, restaurants and shops nearby make Commons Unirii a perfect spot for active people, who frequently meet with their clients and collaborators.

The location in Unirii is playful, accessible and offers the most creative vibe of them all. A perfect mix between a cosy cafe and a bohemian office.

Best coworking space in Bucharest: Commons Romana

Address: Strada Nicolae Iorga 5, București, Romania

A bit further away from the noisy traffic and touristic chaos, I found Commons Romana. I love the area and their modern building, hidden between old houses, at a walking distance between two of the most popular areas in Bucharest, Victoriei and Romana Square.

Commons Romana has a well-balanced space that aids the needs of occasional freelancers. They also address the needs of businesses looking for offices in a pleasant and central location.

My favourite part of Common Romana is the lounge area on the ground floor. As with every location, the pleasing aesthetic is a delight. All Millennials are looking to work in a creative and modern area. And this is just the place!

Best coworking space in Bucharest: Commons Baneasa

Address: Victoria Business Park, Floor 4, Building 4, București 013685, Romania

Commons Baneasa is the newest Commons space, which opened at the end of 2019. Considering its location, which is farther away from the city’s chaotic traffic and closer to Bucharest’s business centre.

The founders of Commons thought of this space as a flexible office solution. It’s for those that don’t need to cruise through the chaotic city. And they nailed it!

Like the other two Commons spaces, Baneasa has both a lounge and an open space area for individual freelancers but has prioritized private offices.

They usually rent these for businesses with smaller teams.

The kitchen and the conference rooms serve this purpose well, being able to serve the needs of a larger group of people.

They are located on the 4th floor of a modern building, and the view is brilliant! Hang around until sunset hours, and I promise that you’ll witness a spectacle of nature. And that’s hard to see from a regular business building.

How can you join the coolest co-working space in Bucharest?

Most of the time, Commons offer personalised offers for each of their members. Are you a freelancer or a business? They take care of you!

Of course, you can visit any of the Commons locations and work from there for only one day, or you can invest in a monthly (or even longer) subscription.

That’s why I strongly advise you to contact one of the Community Managers. They’re all super friendly and helpful! Inform them of your office needs.

You can find some offers on their website, but they often also personalise their proposals. They want to make sure you only pay for what you need in terms of the working space.

I think this is something that will be hard to top, especially in a hectic city, where there isn’t a lot of offering regarding flexible office spaces.

Commons Bucharest: The co-working space to boost your productivity

Is a coworking space worth the price for freelancers?

I don’t know about you, but most of the time, productivity is tightly knit to my income. And a neat and uncluttered space makes my workflow better.

In the end, it’s all about you and your work.

Their motto goes like this:

You WORK WONDERS. We take care of the rest.

And I love it!

PS. Commons liked me too, so they offered a 1-week free pass for one of my friends. Check out my Instagram to sign up for this giveaway. Ends on August 24th.

Commons Bucharest: The co-working space to boost your productivity
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