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Cool places to check out in Munich (Alternative cool places in Munchen)

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Want to discover some cool places in Munich? This is the guide for you! Munich had street art, alternative culture and creative vibes. I’ve included some of the places in which locals love to go to, too. This could be your guide to where to get in touch with some true Bavarians!

You made it to Bavaria! I bet the beer brought you here! If you are in the mood of discovering some not so touristy places (yet! because obviously, I was also a tourist), here are some cool places to check out in Munich. Keep in mind you will have to use public transport to get around.

Munich had street art, alternative culture, chill and creative vibes. I’ve included some of the places in which locals love to go to, too. This could be your guide to where to get in touch with some true Bavarians! So what are the cool places in Munchen that you have to check out?!

If you have a lot of time on your hand and want to explore also the centre with all of its touristy places, check the self-guided walking tour of Munich.  There you have the famous central square with its singing clock, the beer halls and gardens and the place where to see the lovely panoramic view of the city.

After walking around like crazy to see all of the above, I decided to wander on and check some not so central scenes. Some may even call these places to be closer to Berlin’s culture, than to the Bavarian one. But’s it’s up to you to decide.

Bahnwärter Thiel

Address: Tumblingerstraße 29

Who said German street art could only be found in Berlin? 

Bahnwärter Thiel is a place where an old train, meets a forgotten metro wagon and give a home to alternative cultural programs. The train wagon is where live radio sessions are held, and occasionally bus concerts.

The Bahnwärter Thiel has a diverse cultural program, offering theatre plays, art exhibitions, movies for its visitors, which transforms into a club at night. (and it is definitely one of the cool places in Munchen you have to check out)

Bahnwärter Thiel munich germany cool place
cool places in munchen
Bahnwärter Thiel munich germany cool place
cool places in munchen
Bahnwärter Thiel munich germany cool place
cool places in munchen

Come and chill out. But beware of the opening times. Except for some special holidays, the place it’s opened from 6 pm. But who comes here?

Musicians, artists, curious people and night owls meet here. A meeting place where there is always something to discover. Look, listen, dance. Or, first of all, learn to dance in the occasional dance workshops with live music. Maybe just try the Brazilian Forró – and how was that again with the swing?

Pinakothek der Moderne

Address: Barer Str. 40, 80333 München, Germany

Sure you can go to the Alte Pinakothek (the old art museum), but the really cool one is this modern art museum, which is right across the street from the old one.

Apparently, all the museums are in the same place. The city centre of Munich is not that huge and if your legs are used to walking, you can walk around all day. And still, discover places.

Pinakothek der Moderne Munich Germany

Café im Vorhoelzer Forum

Address: Arcisstraße 21, 80333 München, Germania (inside the TUM university)

This is the cafe of the technical university. Seems like I am attracted to these universities. Just kidding. (I am attracted to any cool place and the Café im Vorhoelzer Forum is one of the cool places in Munchen)

The place of this cafe is perfect. After you finish visiting any of the museums around, like the above mentioned (Pinakothek der Moderne), this is the perfect place to relax and have a drink, a snack.

They even have pizza, and all at student prices. And, the cafe is on the top floor, which means it’s a rooftop cafe. With an opened terrace. You’re welcome!

Café im Vorhoelzer Forum munich germany cool places to check out

After exploring the city with Sabrina (IG: @janus_void) and Kash from Budget Traveller, these two were really hungry. Unfortunately, not vegan. But still a great place for a coffee.

Café im Vorhoelzer Forum munich germany cool places to check out
Someone looks very hungry
Café im Vorhoelzer Forum munich germany cool places to check out
The ‘classic’ Kash face as he is presenting us his pizza.


Address: Prinzregentenstraße, 80538 München, Germany

The surf wave from the Englisher Garden, which I also mentioned in my self-guided walking tour of Munich.

Even if you plan to just relax and not do a lot while in Munich, a trip to this place you have to take. Because there are people getting a break from work, surfing here for a while and then putting their suit back on, to head back to their office. Have you ever seen anything like it?


Lost Weekend (Coffee Shop)

Address: Schellingstraße 3, 80779 München, Germany

This is, simply put, the best vegan coffee shop in Munich! And it is another top cool places in Munchen that I love)

It looks more like a co-working space, with large tables, cool inside, friendly staff and an overall cool and alternative atmosphere. They even have a small bookshop inside.

Lost Weekend (Coffee Shop) munich germanyLost Weekend (Coffee Shop) munich germany

Words’ Worth

Address: Schellingstraße 3, 80799 München, Germany

Right next to the vegan coffee shop you will find another cool place to check out, especially if you are a tourist or an expat. This English bookshop is what you will enjoy doing on a lazy afternoon.

Words' Worth english bookshop munich germany

Fünf Höfe Munich

Address: Theatinerstraße 15, 80333 München, Germany

This is a high-end shopping mall.

However, window shopping is free. The most attractive things about this place (for me) were the work of art used to decorate the passages. And that is what made me included in this cool places in Munchen list!

Fünf Höfe Munich germany

My favourite was the Salvatorpassage, with the “Hanging Gardens” by Tita Giese. Amazing place for photos.


Starnberg is a small and chic town just 30 km away from the Munich central train station.

It is a lovely sight for a summer day, as it has one of the famous Bavarian sights, of the Alps in the distance and the clearness of the lake to enjoy. This is definitely a cool place to check out in Munich, or better said, in Bavaria!

Starnberg munich germany

Come early, rent a bike and go around the lake.

There are some gardens and parks which you can use to relax, sit in the sun, or you can even go for a swim. I understand how many people may be reticent to swimming in a lake, especially if you are used to the sea, but after living for almost 1 year in a similar town in Austria, I can say this is the kind of place where I like to spend some of my summer days.

Starnberg is well connected to Munich via S6 and some other trains, which pass by every 20 minutes or so. Just as you hop off the train, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the lake. I loved it here, but unfortunately, it was too late to rent a bike.

Is there nightlife in Munich? Of course!

After those long hours, you will spend in the beer gardens (which are opened until midnight), the narrow streets of Munich hide some fun bars. Like any city, the Irish bars are present. We all know the reputation of the Irish people and How Dublin is full of them, but we must admit it is fun to drink a beer in an Irish bar. I recommend these two from Munich: Kilian’s Irish Pub and Kennedy’s Bar & Restaurant. 

Kilian's Irish Pub munich germany cool palce
Kilian’s Irish Pub (live band)
Kennedy's Bar & Restaurant
Kennedy’s Bar & Restaurant (they also had alive band playing)

Oh, and the famous Le Clou (right next to Viktualien Markt, behind the Heiliggeistkirche), a typical English which is a small but famous for its open mind atmosphere, where you can talk to locals while enjoying a beer at the bar. Freddie Mercury used to hang out in this bar, as you will find pictures of him all over.

Le Clou Munich Germany
Le Clou

Is there any cool Hostel to stay in Munich? You bet!

The Wombat’s City Hostel in Munich has a great location, friendly staff, cool place to chill (or work) and a cool bar, which is called the WOMBAR!

Wombat’s bar is a great place to get to know other travellers, especially during the happy hour. This place was probably the place where I met the most people during my entire stay in Munich. The bar is open only for the hostel’s guests.

Wombats City Hostel Munich germany
Wombats City Hostel Munich germany  cool places in munchen

What was my favourite thing about the Wombats hostel? Cannot decide. It’s a mixture of the great location, lovely dorm rooms, amazing private room (which had a balcony), lovely breakfast (hummus …yummy) and friendly and helpful staff.

The fact that it’s so close to the train station solved all my problems regarding carrying my stuff.

It took me 5 minutes, I just had to cross the street! Would I stay there again? YES!! But in case this option isn’t available, check some other hostels in Munich on HostelWord and on Booking for a budget stay.

I hope I have inspired you to visit some of these cool places in Munchen. Have a great time while you’re in town (bc it’s magical)!

If you are heading to Berlin, then make sure to check out the Berlin Before and After the Wall self-guided walking tours.

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