Coronavirus crisis: Romania is rapidly heading towards total lockdown

I am a travel blogger from Romania. But today, it doesn’t matter. Romania is affected by the coronavirus pandemic and each week I wake up to new restrictive measures, meant to protect and isolate the population.

Today was a nasty day. The weather was really ugly as thought and it was screaming to stay indoors. The police have cars screaming to stay indoors. The president went line on television to tell us to stay indoors. I think the message is obvious. Truth to be told, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere today, no matter the situation. But what about next week? Or next month?

Today I finally began to think about things I can do while I am spending my days indoors, as the weather and the government keep us here. ‘Punished’ by everyone, we still need to keep our mind entertained or we risk losing our sanity. In moments of crisis is when we see most people losing their minds and it’s true. Not having a routine to rely upon, can shake people’s world really bad.

Since this coronavirus crisis also left me jobless and will pretty much be the beginning of a dreadful economic crisis, I decided to do more of the things I love. I decided to search for games that challenge my mind, research how to improve skills and set a schedule for the week. These are all simple task, but that’s the path to achieve greatness.

I will get back with a more comprehensive and inspiring list of things to do while in quarantine aka trapped in your house for an undetermined period of time.

Meanwhile, remember to do now check the news obsessively, and if you don’t feel like doing anything, that might mean it’s time to take a break. We all need to rest sometimes, and if you don’t choose when to rest, then your body will choose for you.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a travel expert, blogger, engineer, freelance copywriter, and a curiosity-driven personality. She sees travel as the ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth, and that's the main topic of her blog,

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