Coronavirus crisis: You are the only person you can rely upon

Yesterday, the Romanian Health Minister resigned. I stopped following the news, and I only read the headlines every few days, but this headline caught my attention. In the time of the coronavirus crisis, the head of the Ministery of Health resigns. And I find it hard to understand his reasons. But this is another big reminder that you are the only person you can rely upon in this life.

Apparently, he made a misleading press statement, the evening before he decided to quit. Frankly, I don’t care he said something stupid, as long as he didn’t do anything too stupid. And I bet most Romanians don’t care either.

But we don’t all get politics, do we?!

Politics is like a bad chess game, that has no foreseeable end and it is played as an infinite game. The strategies are hard to be understood by ordinary individuals. Citizens don’t want to get too involved in it. Nobody wants the headache. I get it.

But this is the times of the coronavirus crisis. The invisible enemy is attacking our society, country, economy and lives. In no particular order, although the economy was the first one to be sacrificed.

I feel disappointed by the government when politics get in the way of a proper solution during a crisis. Maybe he couldn’t handle it or he didn’t want to. We might never know. And it makes no difference. But I feel alone.

It’s another reminder that although we live together, in a society, in a country which is part of a greater union, although we are more connected than ever thanks to the technology we have available… Despite all of this, we are alone.

Each one of us stands alone to face the worst things in life.

This reminded me of a saying:

Great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems. They’re great because both people care enough about the other person to find a way to make it work.

And it’s true. But nobody wants to make it work.

Maybe we are all too selfish. At all levels. And it shows. In moments of crisis, it shows the most. To me, this is just a frighting thought.

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a travel expert, blogger, engineer, freelance copywriter, and a curiosity-driven personality. She sees travel as the ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth, and that's the main topic of her blog,

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