Travelling is not always going smooth, and being constantly active and on the move can put oneself in dangerous situations. Therefore, a responsible traveller should always be aware of the soundings and ask himself/herself:
“What are the possible dangers of travelling?”
Some fellow travellers helped me answer this question. Here is their answer to “What are the possible dangers of travelling?”

My answer to “What are the possible dangers of travelling?”

I define danger as anything that can happen, at any given time. Ever since we were born, we were surrounded by possible dangers, which could occur at any time. Natural disasters, any mistake someone around you has or will make at any given moment.
At any given moment an asteroid might hit Earth. That’s a danger. But we don’t think about it all the time. (most likely we don’t think about it at all)
So, my point is that there are dangers no matter where you are, travelling or not. We should always be observant of our soundings.

What are the possible dangers of travelling?


  •  Matei, 26 (living in Bucharest, Romania)


Well, you can lose your money or values, you can miss a flight, you can get sick or you can be the victim of an unexpected event taking place where you are travelling.
However, I’m not for the state of being afraid of them, but be aware, be optimistic and everything will be fine unless you have bad luck, which you can’t really control.
All in all, nothing is really more dangerous than anywhere else, for example, the place you live in unless you are looking for danger.   


  • Piotr, 34 (Poland, living in California)


 There are some dangers of travelling. Most of them are usually simple things, that you can prevent by being normally cautious.
You can get sick from some local food, so always carry medicine with you (or some vodka *:)) to help cure your stomach.
Be normally careful, when meeting new people. You don’t want to end up with someone who robs you (don’t worry, though, most people are nice).
As it comes to any serious dangers, always check the website of Foreign Affairs Department. They are obliged to inform about political situations and natural dangers in other countries.  


  • Pilar –  (living in Madrid)


Well, almost everything.
Mostly is getting out of your comfort zone, which is always a possible “danger”.
You are literally going to the UNKNOWN, a lot of things could happen.But you know what they say, “if you never try, you´ll never know”


  • Jan (Dutch, living in Austria)
You have to be aware of your surroundings all the time. As you do at home.
I have never been afraid or felt threatened during travel.
It also a matter of talking to locals. They know exactly where you can and where you should not go.
  • Lettice – blogger and volunteer (British, living in China)


The best advice I ever received was that anything that could happen to you when you travel could also happen to you at home. Murder, rape, theft, etc… happen all over the world. You can’t let fear prevent you from travelling.

The most common crime I hear about is theft. Valuable items are easily stolen at bus stations, on buses, in public areas, and at hostels.

Travellers must be vigilant about keeping their valuables safe. It’s also wise to never give out personal information to strangers, to never get overly intoxicated, and to never look flashy.


  • Bogdan (Romanian blogger, living in Bucharest)


Getting robbed or contracting a disease. The first one happened to me and to my friends in different locations. 
Now, that being said, what so you think is a possible danger while travelling?


 What are the possible dangers of travelling?

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a traveller and her obsession started in her teenage years. Her aim is to discover as much as possible from this world and to inspire others to do the same! The ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth is travelling and this is what she discovered after years of depression. Now she shares her stories here. Describing experiences for others who might need them.

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