Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads After 9 Months

Here is my honest Ezoic review, after trying Ezoic ads and Ezoic premium on my website for over 9 nights. Here are all my insights, revenue reports and personal experience.

I am ready to give up Ezoic. I feel like I have tried my best, put my time and resources into it and now it’s time to move on. But before switching it off (I’m not even sure how I do that at this point), I want to share with you everything I have personally experienced in this comprehensive Ezoic review after adding Ezoic ads to my website. 

The internet is a big place, and it is full of opinions from people all over the world. Some time ago, many smaller websites used Ezoic ads to earn an extra income. But nowadays, most websites don’t use them, or at least, I can’t find many honest reviews about them. 

So I will simply share my truth, my story, with Ezoic, hoping that you, a blogger with a growing website, will find it and that one day you will turn that website into your only job. 

So, at this stage in your online career, you are wondering – Is Ezoic right for my website? Before jumping to a conclusion, here are the hard facts, the story, the income screenshots, and all there is to know before you apply. 

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a ad management platform. Simply put, it is a tool that automatically places ads on your website, according to your target audience and their specific interest. It then pays you money for the ads that get seen by your adience. 

To make money with Ezoic, you want to have a lot of views on your website, from top-tier countries (the U.S., Australia, Canada, U.K. etc). That’s because not all countries get the same money, as their audiences are not exposed to the same pricy ads. 

That’s because people in expensive countries have higher purchasing power. They are also exposed to more expensive products with higher margins that pay more to have their ads displayed. 

Ezoic requirements 

Ezoic used to have a 10,000 page views per month requirement. But that is not the case anymore. They are now accepting everyone. 

When I first found out about them, probably around 2019, I had less than 10,000 pageviews per month, and I applied. However, I didn’t finish the process. 

Some years later, they contacted me, asking if I wanted to join them and start making money. Initially, I ignored the email. Then I asked if their ads wouldn’t slow my website down. They said no (using way too many words), and then I waited for some more time before I decided. 

How I added Ezoic ads on my website

To add Ezoic ads on your website, you need to go through a few steps: 

  1. Apply to Ezoic. But don’t worry, they accept almost everyone these days. Just make sure you follow their guidelines and don’t post weird stuff. 
  2. Wait to be approved. Takes a couple of days. 
  3. Set up your account on Ezoic. This process can take a couple of days, and it involves some knowledge of WordPress and WordPress hosting. The thing that most people find really annoying is that you need to change your DNS. You will have to go to your domain registry and point the nameservers to Ezoic. For many, this is seen as not a secure thing to do, and it also means that your website will load slower, but after this step, you will find other tools inside Ezoic that are meant to help your website load faster. 
  4. Turn on ads through the automatic placeholders. 

I have a few issues with the process of setting up my ads, and the most problematic was the generation of ads.txt file, which needs to include all the advertisers they have. It wasn’t generating right at the beginning, and the process was confusing. 

Ezoic also has a WordPress plugin that will help you integrate and connect Ezoic to your website. 

My personal experience is that they offer all sorts of step-by-step guides on their blog, and they have a very responsive community to help you with all the initial issues, but there will always be issues. I wouldn’t count on a seamless experience when you are first setting up Ezoic. 

They seem to always improve the process, add more tools to help you, and reply to any posts on the forum within hours, but that doesn’t mean that you will encounter fewer issues. 

I am a software engineer, have a lot of experience in setting up technical tools and I do all my own technical things on my blog, and I still had some questions about this process. 

The bottom line is that setting up Ezoin on your website will not be a seamless experience, and you will bump into things that will require some technical experience. 

It’s also pretty common that the tools and processes used by Ezoic are incompatible with some of the plugins you are already using. So if at any point your website stops loading, you’ll need to log into your Cpanel (where you are hosting your website) and manually disable all plugins to then activate them one at a time to see which one is causing the errors. 

Things I didn’t like when setting up Ezoic:

  • I had to change my nameservers to point to Ezoic’s servers instead of my domain hosting service
  • I had to create an Adsense account (which might take a while), as this is a Google product
  • I had to give complete rights to the Ezoic Adsense account to manage my Adsense account (basically, my website is functioning under the Ezoic management completely) 
  • To place adds you need to activate AI placeholders, which fill your website’s pages with ads in all the wrong places (before or under header, in-between lists, before footer), which ruins all user experience. 
  • Placeholders are being generated by AI according to your WordPress theme. 
  • To deactivate a placeholder (ad), you need to either use their Chrome plugin and find that placeholder on your website and visually deactivate it (never worked for me), or find it in the Ezoic plugin and deactivate it from there (they have just some codes and it’s hard to find the exact one you want)

These are just some of the things off the top of my head. 

Ezoic RPM: What is it, what’s the average, what’s a good RPM, RPM vs ERMV

After all that initial ordeal of setting up your Ezoic and placing the ads, it’s time to see some results. 

Generally speaking, all ad placing services will calculate an RPM index, which stands for Ad revenue per thousand impressions. This index is just to give you an idea of how much money you get for each 1,000 pageview. 

Since all websites are different, and have different audiences, from different countries, this RPM metric can be used to compare revenue for different websites. This is the definition I give, but the point is that it’s not much you can do with it. Just get an idea of what you are making. 

From this point on, Ezoic stands out as being different. Ezoic doesn’t use RPM. Instead, it used ERMV, which stands for Earnings Per Thousand Visitors. This is the amount you earn for every 1,000 visitors, not impressions. 

My personal opinion is that Ezoic just wants to be different and annoy every other ad network in the process. 

Placing the Ezoic ads

To start displaying ads on your website with Ezoic, you need to  to install the Ezoic plugin, complete cloud integration and then generate the placeholders. 

These placeholders will be generated by AI through the Ezoic tool called Leap. 

By the way, Ezoic has all sorts of tools on its platform, which, to this day, after nine months of usage, seem very confusing to me and hard to use. 

It will take a while to generate the placeholders, and once they are live, it will look like this:

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

To be honest, there have been some changes lately to Ezoic and seem that the placeholders are still being generated ?! I’m not sure why is that, because last itme I checked this, each of these placeholders had an estimated revenue. But now, you can see in the screenshot that they are all greyed out. 

This is just one of the reasons I decided to shut down Ezoic, because I never understand what’s going on and why are they constantly changing things. 

LE: After a few hours, I checked this dashboard again, and now the ad revenue is displayed. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

You can see the percentage of the revenue that it brings for each placeholder. 

From this plugin I also manually disable all ads on the homepage, as I didn’t see any point for that and it was looking extremely weird and not ok. To this day, I don’t know if it’s looking great for other users, as there is setting somewhere in Ezoic that says that as long as you are logged in your wordpress, you will not see any of the ads. 

To reach my optimum Ezoic ad configuration, I had to use a different browser, their browser plugin, and disable the same type of ads from all the platforms (browser plugging, WordPress plugin, Ezoic dashboard). I have no idea what worked and what not, because sometime I would notice ads showin up that were supposed to be disable.

This is an issue that I never resolved, and I don’t know if it was something that I didn’t manage to figure out or if their platform was confusing or even faulty. 

However, there is an advanced way to control where and how your ads are being displayed from the Ezoic platform. It looks like this:

There are more options, as you scroll down, but just to give you an idea, you can choose the type of ads to show and on what divide to show them (mobile, tablet, desktop). 

From personal experience, they are trying really hard to push mobile videos, which are the ones that generate the most revenue, because most people browse from their mobile device these days. However, you should check how those videos are displayed on your website. In my case, it was showing up on the entire screen, literally blocking my website to the point that the user got confused if the website was loading or simply not working. 

From my personal point of view, it makes no sense to have such disruptive ads if the users then closes your website, which indirectly tells Google that your content isn’t helpful and in the future it might decide to rank it lower, as it has no value to the users. 

Ezoic income report

Now, let’s talk about how much money do I make with Ezoic. 

You are about to be blown away, so sit down for this part. 

This is the Ezoic dashboard and the first thing you see after logging in to Ezoic:

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

You can get an overview of how your website is doing and how fast it loads, and it gives a score to your core vitals (mobile and desktop). To be honest, I used to have over 90 for both of them, but then something changed on Ezoic (again), and I got lower scores. Meanwhile, my website stayed the same, so I did nothing. 

The cache is up and there is also a service for the cache on Ezoic, you will need to activate it, since your website goes now throughout the Ezoic servers (remember when we had to point the nameserver to Ezoic?). So each time you update a new page, it will take a while to see the change, unless you login into Ezoic and clear the cache for that specific page. 

And now let’s look aat the estimated earning for the last 30 days and your website visits. You can see at a glance the pageviews you’re getting and the money you’re making this month. But remember that it takes 60 days to get paid, so don’t get too excited. 

Then you can your estimated earning per day. Each day you get the money from the Ezoic ads and Ezoic Premium. The sum in green is the grand total per day and under it you have the sum for each one. 

The mediation is what you would make from Adsence, that is directly from Google ads, but I don’t have that. This is getting too confusing, and I don’t want to deal with it. 

Ezoic earnings

Here is the detailed Ezoic Earnings tab. It gives you the daily earnings. On the graph, you can see your earning with green and the dark green are the Ezoic Premium earnings. Will cover that in the next section. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

This is my 3-month report, from February 2nd, 2024, to May 2nd, 2024. During this 3 month period, I had an average EPMV (the Ezoic equivalent for RPM) of $5.57. 

My total visits on the website were 31,596, and my total earnings on Ezoic (including Premium) was $176.13. 

As I scroll, I get a detailed overview of each day included in this graph, and I can see the views I got each day, as well as the Ezoic ads earning, Premium earnings and the EPMV.

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

How much can I get paid from Ezoic ads on average?

To understand how much you can get paid from Ezoic, we can talk about EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors). Know that this can vary greatly depending on the niche of your website, language, and the target audience (where your audience is from). 

The higher the EPMV, the better. You can use it to get an estimate for your views.

As a personal observation, I have to add that my EPMV was better at the beginning, when I first started with Ezoic. Now I rarely get over $6 EPMV, whereas 5 months ago it was over $6 or more. 

This means that for every 1,000 views, I made around that value. To estimate your earnings, multiply this EPMV with your (monthly views/1,000). 

For 10,000 monthly views, for an EPMV of $6, you can make $6 * (10,000/1,000) = $60. 

But remember that the EPMV depends on your website and the country of your audience. You always want top-tier countries to be the majority of your audience (i.e., US, UK, Canada, Australia). So you can make more with 10,000 and an audience of 100% US than 100,000 and an audience from India. 

Also, my website’s niche is travel, which is one of the most well-paid niches out there. 

According to Google Analytics, here are my top audiences from the last 28 days:

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

I have a mix from top tier countries (US, UK, Singapore, Australia etc) and low tier countries (India, Romania etc).  The percentage of these audiences also matters. 

Ezoic Premium

Unlike any other ad managenet network out there, Ezoic doens’t simply offer their best ads to your website. No, you need to be worthy of them. 

So after a while of being an Ezoic partner (about two months), you will receive an email saying that you have been invited to Ezoic Premium?

So, what is Ezoic Premium? It’s a tiered program, according to your monthly pageviews, where you pay to display premium ads (aka the ads that will pay you more). 

In a normal world, this makes no sense, you either pay me or you don’t, but Ezoic is special. 

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the Ezoic Premium levels. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

The list of Premium tiers goes on for a while, and these are the last ones:

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

After I refused the initial invitation to Exoic Premium, they send me a few more emails, focusing on the 2-week free trial that I was offered. I finally decided to opt for the Ezoic Premium.

Here is the Premium tier for my website: 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

Note that you can pay for Ezoic Ads on a Month-to-month subscription (the most expensive one, and only if you want to pay ahead). 

If you want to pay from earnings, you can choose between the annual and multi-year subscription. Those too are a bit more expensive when choosing to pay from earnings (they turn to $5.95 per month when changing the toggle). 

Because I was sure I will stay more than 1 year with them, I choose the month-to-month subscription. Turns out my intuition was right. 

My Ezoic Premium insights

Here’s a screenshot of my Ezoic Earnings from November 2023, the month I started with Ezoic Premium: 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

My EPMV was $6.84, and my views were slightly lower then. 

Here’s a part of that’s month detailed earnings, and it shows that I onced reached $12.53 EPMV, but it only lasted for one day. I don’t know what caused it or what it was, as the daily views are similar to other days. 

However, I could only guess it has something to do with Black Friday. Also, it’s a known fact that most websites make more in November and December, as the holidays are approaching and people spend money like crazy. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

I’m sure you are not ready for it, but here is my Ezoic Premium III level: 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

Basically, it’s a very complicated program, that requires you to pay some money upfront, so that they can give you a bit more money than what you paid for later that month. 

Now that I type the explanation here, it seems like I’m given out to Ezoic some sort of cheap loan, and that makes me a bit angry. 

You can see in my Ezoic Premium screenshot that I am paying for Premium level 3 a monthly fee of $7, and that my last 30 days income is $9.72. 

This means that if I pay to Ezoic $7 per month, they give me extra $2.72, on top of paying me back the money I initially paid for the subscription. 

The internet is quited confused about their tactic of offering better/premium ads though a subscription scheme, and they are the only ones doing it. 

Note that you can choose to auto-upgrate this subscription, which is directly correlated to the pageviews you have. 

For instance, if next month I start getting more pageviews, my subscription would be more expensive, according to the table of Premium levels, but I should also be earning more extra. 

This extra income you get from Exoic Premium is also highlighted in the general Ezoic income report, because they want to make sure you know you are getting extreme oney for paying them money. 

The Ezoic Premium is a tool that I simply don’t understand, even after having it for 5 months on my website. The good news is that it automatically adjusts according to the website’s page views. 

So when my website gets more views, it upgrades to an upper tier. Then, if I get fewer views, the plan automatically downgrades, and I pay less. It does the right things with the money as well, even if you have already paid for the month, and then it needs to pay you back. 

Although, when talking about $7, I wasn’t really paying attention. But the point is that Ezoic Premium didn’t overcharge me, it’s just confusing and probably useless (for us, website owners). 

Here is the screenshot of the premium plans that get upgraded and downgraded as they need to do. You can also disable this option to automatically upgrade it. You also receive an email when this happens or needs to happen. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

How to clear the Cache on Ezoic

One thing you need to know about Ezoic is that after the ads are active on your website, any update you make to your website will take up to a day to be seen. That’s because of caching. 

So if you have an older page or blog post that you just updated and you want to see the updaets right away, you will have to manually clear the cache for that particular URL, from the Ezoic dashboard. 

Here are the steps you need to take to clear the cache on Ezoic:

  1. Log into Ezoic
  2. Click on Leap icon (top menu)
Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months
  1. Go to Caching (left menu)
Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months
  1. Scroll down to “Clear Cache” and input your URL
Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

It might not be a primordial thing to start earning money with Ezoic, but this process illustrates how many different tools and menus Ezoic has. It took me months to get used to the basics, and I had to read many of their guides and tutorials. 

I don’t find it really intuitive and many really simple issues take up days to solve because I don’t know where the tools are and how they work. Less technical individuals might have even more issues with it, and it will further complicate your life. 

The Leap tool is designed to help your website load faster. However, it is far from perfect and you need to understand how to set it up. It also announced if there are any issues right now on your website. 

Will Ezoic slow down my website?

They say it doesn’t, but my experience says something else. 

According to PageSpeed Insights, the time it takes my website;s homepage to load is 2.9 seconds, on desktop. But this page doesn’t have any ads on it. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

Here is another post page on the desktop that does have Ezoic ads on it. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

This desktop page loads in over 5 seconds. 

However, more than half of my visitors (and probably yours too) are coming from mobile. And this is where most websites have issues. 

But on mobile, my website takes over 4 seconds to load, which is basically a disaster. 

In an ideal world, your website should load under 2 seconds. The longer it takes to load, the faster people close it and go back to Google. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

How to get money out of Ezoic

How do you transfer your money from Ezoic? That’s easy. 

You need to add all the payment details to your account. Go to your Account (top right corner in the Ezoic Dashboard) and click on “Billing & Payment”. 

You will need to add your details, tax info, and how you want to get paid. After you do all that, Ezoic will take care of it all, and automatically pay you. You need to add the info by the end of the month so that you can be paid next month. The first two months are more problematic, until you realize how the process is working. 

I only managed to get paid after the 3rd month because I wasn’t adding all the details here. And if you keep updating the details, they won’t pay you as fast. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

When will you receive the first money from Ezoic?

After 30 days. 

You can see all the details of your payment under the “Payment settings” tab. 

All changes must be done by the 15th of the month. 

Here you can also choose if you want to be paid every month (net 30), or after 60 or 90 days. 

Ezoic pays you a small interest if you choose to be paid for each month after 60 days (1.5% interest) or after 90 days (2.5% interest). 

The payment threshold for Ezoic is $20. It means that if you don’t meet that threshold this month, it will stay in your account until you meet it. 

After all I read online and personal experience, the beat and fastest way to get paid by Ezoic is through Wise payment service. If you don’t have an account, create a Wise account here

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

How much does your website’s niche count when earning money from display ads? 

A lot. 

Not all niches generate the same kind of traffic. Also, the country of your audience matters a lot as well. 

Can you restrict specific ads on Ezoic?

You can’t restrict specific ads, but you can choose to avoid certain topics or types of ads. 

Inside the Ezoic Ads dashboard, there is a tab for Ads Restrictions, and you cna add there some restriction. 

You can also restrict certain types of ads from appearing on certain devices or on certain pages. There are ways to avoid some ads or a specific company or brand. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

Here are the types of restrictions that can be added from the Ezoic Ads dashboard. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

How do you maximize your ad revenue with Ezoic?

To make the most money with Ezoic, you have to let the app add ads wherever it wants to. 

The AI from Ezoic will continuously analyze your website to find new revenue opportunities. 

For instance, there is a tab for “Revenue Opportunities”, which will list the things and options to active to make more from your website. 

However, remember that video ads are the ones that make the most money. They are also very intrusive and might ruin the UI and experience. In the end, you have to find your personal balance between revenue and user experience. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

I tend to be against very intrusive ads that ruin my website, but since I limited those, I made a bit less. I also believe, although I don’t have concrete proof, that these intrusive ads negatively affect my Google rankings. 

The only way to see if the ads are affecting my rankings is to stop them, wait for a while, and see if there is any improvement. I will update this Ezoic review once I have some results.

How to stop Ezoic Ads?

Ezoic doesn’t come with explicit instructions on how to eliminate their ads from your website. 

But here is what I found. 

Inside the Ezoic Ads dashboard, under the “Ads Positions” tab, there is the option to “Disable Ad Tester”. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

When I click it, I get the following warning message from Ezoic Ads: 

“Are you sure you want to disable Ad Tester? If you disable Ad Tester, all ads will stop showing, and you will not generate any revenue. You will also lose access to the features and tools available in EzoicAds.”

I will click on “Disable”. 

Hopefully, this will disable all my ads from my website. 

The next step is to go back to my website hosting service and change the DNS back to the nameservers to point to my hosting domain service instead of the servers of Ezoic. That should be ok. It can take some hours for the changes to propagate, as it usually takes with any DNS changes. 

I will also cancel my Ezoic Premium. This action is buried in the Premium dashboard, under the “Account Details” tab, “Account Subscription”, and the three dots on the left > “Cancel Subscription”. 

At this point, it seems to me that Ezoic is making it annoying to leave that, like a clingy girlfriend you once had. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

Here is the threat that I might be invited to their Premium program ever again. 

Ezoic Review: My Experience With Ezoic Ads And Ezoic Premium After 9 Months

However, after I cancelled the Premium subscription, it seems that it will still work until the last day of my subscription, as I already paid for the month. 

Ezoic review conclusion: Should I put Ezoic on my website?

After all is said and done, after being with Ezoic for nine months, I would say that my website speed has decreased over time. My rankings have stagnated, although I have published 50+ new blog posts since starting with Ezoic. 

My ads are chaotic and for all sorts of products I don’t personally recommend. There is a way to select what kind of products you don’t want to promote on your website, but that’s a simpel checkbox that doesn’t really explain it all. 

I feel that my rankings aren’t improving because of my slow loading speed. 

The UI is completely messed up on some pages, and I can’t seem to find a way to stop that ad from being under the header on most of my pages. And I hate that. 

During these nine months on Ezoic, I earned a grand total of $531.10 (paid) for an average of 10,500 views per month. 

This didn’t make me rich in any way, but barely pays for the hosting costs of the website and some other small services I use to write my content (Canva, Grammaly). 

From a monetary perspective, it’s $500. I made it without changing anything on my website and spent some hours setting it up (it wasn’t easy and took a lot of patience). 

But I was hoping that this would be only a small income while my rankings improved. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case, and my website stagnated.

Do I regret it? No. 

Would I continue with Ezoic? No. 

I gave it a shot, and it didn’t really help. The income is abysmal, and if your website isn’t growing, then what are we doing here? 

Ezoic is hosting seminars on SEO and how to improve your site’s rankings every month, update their tools and all sorts of stuff, but this isn’t for me. I feel that the entire process is confusing, hard to understand, requires a lot of my time and attention and the revenue isn’t worth it. 

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