People need to feel safe and protected. Most of us need to know that whatever we do, we have our safety net right behind us. No matter what that is, or who… maybe our parents, partner, child, best friend, our economy account… something that our intuition trusts. The what or how is not important right now, but the important thing is that we all have this need to feel safe!

Based on each individual education, religion and environment, the perspective we have over life may be slightly different, although we all have to deal with the same decisions in life.

1. Fate and/or destiny

Some are more conservative, religious or just want to feel safe. Those are the ones that truly believe in fate. They put their destiny upon fate, upon a superior force that has already decided for him, as if there is a book with a map of your life, with the most important checkpoints already written on it. People do that (rely on something else or someone else than themselves when they need to feel safe, protected, when they are afraid of taking risks…. because every uncertainty involves some kind of risk.

We need to have something to believe in. That’s what people do and that’s what keeps us sane.

2. Free will

Actually free will is not the opposite of destiny, and having it does not mean we have no fate. Free will is that thing when every tiny decision you will every take, sums up and build the life you are now living. There is no right or wrong decision, there is no predefined path to follow, there is no right way to guide you.

But remember: sometimes others can decide things that can involve you as well. We must learn to respect their decision and then decide how to act upon the consequences.

And in this moment in my life, I’m stating to embrace the magic of it.


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