“Goodbye” summer of 2015

Saying “Goodbye” to summer is not an easy task, not for me at least. Although I was not born in the summer, it’s my favorite time of the year, taking into account I live in a four-season climate.


The summer of 2015 was a summer I will always remember, like many of the summers before. It was full of stories, funny, sad, or just stories about life, I will tell about for years to come. So many new people I came across, many of which probably I will never see again, but mostly all of them gave me something to hold on and remember, a wise word, or some life changing situation, for which I am most grateful and there are all connected to this summer and this time of my life.

Summing up all these amazing experiences I’ve once again grown up, changes (into a better version of myself), I’ve taken some life changing decisions, because of those, and I truly believe it was all for the best, and the best is yet to come! I am an optimist, and a believer in the beauty of life.

I had love, adventure, culture, experienced different worlds and perspective, shaped my values, and defined my time and life expectation (at least in some aspects). I had time to think, time to be alone an surrounded by people, time for myself, skype relationships and no relationship. I gained awareness over my existence and my own power and influence, I developed patience and learned how to relate to people, regardless of their origin and environment. I optimized my scheduling, I learned to prioritize and how to apply all of these new knowledge. I found out about friendships and the cost of them. I learned about people and the value in my life they really should have, or have, or sometimes have and do not deserve it.

In the end I can sum up everything just by saying: “It’s all about perspective!” Because that is all there is to know. But we are only humans, and the best teacher we can have and the best learning method we can apply is and always will be, life!

I couldn’t even imagine having a better summer than the summer of 2015! And this is our goal in life, as humans. To live our moment at its best, better than any of the past ones and tomorrow even better than today! At least, mine is, and I am proud of myself I gifted this summer to my memories.


It’s not about the years, or the summers, it’s about the memories!