Make These Small Changes in Your Everyday Life for a Happy Life

Life is not always perfect and we don’t always have a happy life. It just doesn’t look like those Instagram photos, where every girl is just perfect and every guy was born awesome, and nobody has to concern about money.

I mean, things just seem to be that way and nobody can argue that.

News flash! That is not how we live our life, in fact, I doubt that anyone is living like that. Move on, unfollow that unrealistic accounts and start using your time in your best interest.

I used to be a social media addict, but travelling has made me be aware of who I am and what I enjoy doing with my time and ultimately, my life. There was a big shift I had to make.

That was not something I needed to get from the outside, but it was in me all along. And things are not so clear when you spend all your life in one place.

This shift also made me realise the small things that can influence my day and make me feel happy, which you can use too.


A clean and tidy environment for a happy life

Ok, I am not the person to talk about this.

I consider most house chores to be time draining and I don’t see any value in doing it unless I have no more clean clothes or I cannot find my favourite t-shirt.

keep a tidy environment

But, I sometimes manage to keep things tidy and ordered (somehow) and it feels a lot better, it gets me writing or organising my activities. I get calmer and I feel relaxed.

I know friends of mine, who make a purpose out of cleaning, but there is no need to be like that. Just find your balance, and observe how you feel with this small change. For me, it works wonders.

Ditch any relationships that don’t make you happy

Yes, it seems hard to do. It may feel like you are being too harsh. But trust me you are not.

Do you know the answer to “Who is the most important person in this room?” ?? If the answer is not “Me” then you have some work to do with yourself.

And getting out of those toxic relationships might just be a big and important first step. Keep in mind a relationship can be a friend you hang out or a weird and twisted romantic relationship.

Basically, it can be any human interaction.

ditch toxic relationships

I wrote a post about a friend in need, which is a story of a couple of years old friendship which turned out to be a friendship based on interest.

Don’t indulge yourself into that. It doesn’t do you any good. And probably it’s a total waste of time. I know how hard it is, but you need to move on if you want to be happy.


You are what you eat!

This sounds like a commercial, but it’s so true.

If there is anyone out there to understand chronic fatigue, stomach issues, digestive problems, intolerances and whatever else is there, I am that person. Ok, I have not been labelled by a medical staff, but I know how you feel.

food salad healthy vegetables

And I am now a vegan, I do cheat sometimes and eat some sweets and every time I do that I feel physically sick. (I’m still working on this method of mine)

I am not suggesting to adopt a certain diet, nor I am saying eat this or that.

It’s so up to you, but if you know something is making you feel bad or depressed, or just sick, please stop it. Your body will always tell you what it needs and how much, so take you time and listen.

Feeling good and healthy will be so worth it, and you can use your time to work on your dream, enjoy your relationship, walk your dog or spend it with your family. Or you can just feel sick and not do any of these. Your call!

I truly believe in the power of the alkaline diet!

Yes, I believe our bodies were made to eat as much as possible green and unprocessed, natural food.

I wasn’t planning to become a vegan. I just decided to test it for a month. And here I am 2 years later, feeling the best I ever felt in my lift. (but I had to go through hell and back to get here)


Write! Keep a diary (pen and paper)

It sounds really dumb. But it is not. It’s like saying something you think out loud.

Some goals are not something we want to share with everyone via a Facebook status. And that’s ok. But putting it on a paper, where you can read it, review it, and compare it to your actions, is a great step forward than just keeping it in your mind.

keep a journal

I started not because all of these successful people were doing it, but because I found myself travelling alone and I realised what’s the point of life if I’m not sharing it with anyone?

Most experiences were too intimate to share on my online networks but too precious to let it go and have it only in my mind.

It felt silly at the beginning, but I developed the habit of writing each time I wanted to share something and there was nobody to share it with. I always carry my notebook in my bag, especially when I travel.

Now it would feel like Leaving my best friend at home.

Maybe you don’t need to share, but to keep yourself accountable. We measure out facebook status based on the received likes, our websites have analytics.

But why we don’t measure our lives? You want to get better, then keep a track of your actions and then observe the results. That’s what we do with everything else, why not our lives?


Enjoy nature!

I know how it feels like to be lazy, be comfortable.

My favourite saying when I was a child were “I don’t feel like it” and “Leave me alone”. The point is that we are never going to feel like it. But nature helps. Fresh air helps.


I was in great doubt if I should go to sleep or write this post. So I took my laptop and got out of the house.

Listening to the wind and feeling the hot summer breeze got me in the mood for sharing these great tips on how small things can make you feel happier. This is living proof it works.

Our body needs some sun rays every day, some fresh air, the songs of birds and leaves rustling.

We need this. But we live in this digital world most of our lives that we deny unconsciously these needs. We get depressed, sad, and we cannot trace it back. It all starts in nature.

Just how a positive thought in the morning can change your day, a day in nature can change your life.

And try as often as possible to bring nature into your home. A flower or a plant can change your perspective.


Smile every day!

Even when you don’t feel like it. I’ve developed this thing, whenever I get angry or I’m sad (although I get sadistic and I want to feel that more) I force myself to smile.

It feels stupid but it takes the edge off.

smile every day

I smile when I feel the wind or when my dog licks me. The most basic things should make us smile.

It’s letting your soul manifest itself, connecting to the outside world and being transparent. It lifts up the barrier of having to be always a serious adult, with social responsibilities.

Smile and make someone else smile. That’s one of the most rewarding things you can do.


Become a priority in your life!


I hope this makes your day better because it made mine better for sure!


Share the word, leave a comment and tell me what you do every day to make your life a little bit better.


small changes you can make today for a happy life

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