The diversity of Berlin’s attractions. Is it for you?

Because of the abundance of historical events, Berlin has become home for millions of people from all over the world, becoming of the cities with the most expats in the world.

Although most of the moved here quite recently, that would we after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they can speak German. From my personal experience, while wandering around the streets, the chances to hear Spanish or English are so much higher than hearing German.

I really wanted to practice my German, but you can tell I am not native, and my face doesn’t help as well, so everyone was replying in English.


Cultural diversity

Having such a wonderful and quite a mix of different people, it’s a place of great cultural diversity. Art of all kinds can be seen or heard on the streets, people feel good and love it to express themselves, and most of them try to make a living out of it.

Every Sunday the Mauerpark becomes a huge hub for culture and hanging out, full of everyone and everything. Chilling on the grass with a beer, listening to the greatest open-air karaoke I have ever seen, (I think there were almost 1k people around it), walking in the flea market, which is full of cute and cool stuff from Berlin, or just walking around and do all of these. It’s a wonderful feeling that you get, and you feel you don’t ever want to leave it. Just loved it!


Tip: If you are in Berlin during the weekend, reserve your Sunday to spend it in Mauerpark. Enjoy the people. The open air karaoke the Flea market, the Berlin feeling. Buy your drinks from a market before getting there, if you are on a budget. 



Beer is everywhere, and apparently, everyone drinks it everywhere.

On your way home from work, you stop into a supermarket and buy a beer and start drinking it. When you go out at night, at your way to the bar or wherever you are going out, you get a beer, in the tram, S-Bahn, U-Bahn… you name it, and there is somebody drinking beer. Loads of it.

Tip: Beer will and always will be the cheapest drink u can have when going out. I used to hate beer, but travel changed me. I would say in a good way. So by drinking beer, you can go in fancy rooftop bars and not spend 12€ on a cocktail. 


Touristic attractions

As you figured by now, Berlin is full of all kind of attractions. No matter if you are into history, museums, concerts, partying, trips, sightseeing, walking tours, it’s all there and even more.

My advice (which I also got from a friend) is to not waste too much time with the touristic stuff because there are so many and very time-consuming. Try to make a list of things that are really of an interest to you, before going there, cuz the moment you arrive you will be overwhelmed, and do that.

Then go out, enjoy the life of the city, smile at people, listen to the street musicians and find some bars you like. It’s so much more about the feeling you get, I think that’s the most important. I mean… there must be a good reason for which all those people from all over the world decided to move to Berlin, right?

And party

If you are an outgoing person, extremely sociable, enjoying talking to new and different people, Berlin must be on your travel destination. This city can party every day, over and over again.

Me enjoying Berlin

Most people bring souvenirs to their friends, but I want to inspire my friends to leave their comfort zone and travel. That’s the best gift I can give them.

Just go… travel!