Hotels in Romania: 34 Unique Places to Stay in Romania

Discover the most beautiful places in Romania, and book the best hotels in Romania and choose the most unique places to stay in Romania.

Have you ever wondered what Romania is like? If you have, then you probably know that planning a vacation in Romania is what you need to do to explore the most beautiful sights in Romania. Not only will you see the most beautiful places in Romania, but you’ll be able to see them from the most unique places to stay in Romania.

My foreign friends have asked me many times about what is the best place to visit in Romania and where to stay in Romania. After a lot of research, I came up with this list of the best places to stay in Romania. 

I hope you will find the perfect stay amongst these unique places to stay in Romania, and if you decide to go, please send some photos and tag me on Instagram. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these places to stay in Romania are rather small and require reservations. That’s why I recommend booking it as soon as you decide to go, to make sure you’ll have the best vacation in Romania. 

Some places are booked 6 months in advance, so you better hurry. 

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Unique Places to Stay in Romania by geographical region

I have grouped all the best accommodations in Romania based on their geographical location and split them into 5 major regions: Muntenia (Wallachia), Transylvania, Moldova, Maramures, Banat, and Bucovina.

Best places to stay in Muntenia, Romania (South of the Carpathian Mountains)

While Wikipedia calls this region Wallachia, nowadays, we call it Muntenia. Here are the coolest and most unique places to stay in Romania from the Muntenia region.

New Old Village

Tara Luanei, judetul Buzau (+40) 765 999 575

New Old Village is a perfect place to relax in the mountain scenery. The huts are surrounded by Covasna forest and they offer Bed & Breakfast accommodation, traditional Romanian food, and relaxation. You can also book personal development and teambuilding retreats at New Old Village. 

In the complex, you’ll also find The Little Basca Villa, which has to be booked entirely and can host up to 18 people. 

Country Spa Retreat

Str. Ștefan cel Mare, nr. 125, sat Ciofliceni, comuna Snagov

Country Spa Retreat is a complete wellness center that promises to help you relax and find your physical and emotional balance. 

The Spa is located right next to Snagov lake and in close proximity to the Snagov forest. The location is easily accessible from Bucharest but promises a calm and discrete atmosphere. 

They offer individual relaxation programs, romantic and detox escapes, and teambuilding retreats. 

Check Country Spa Retreat availability here

Conacul Serghiescu

sat Nuci, jud. Ilfov

Conacul Serghiescu is a house dating from 1800 which belonged to one of the activists of the 1848 Romanian revolution. Some legends say that the house is actually from 1700, but there are no written documents to confirm that. 

The authentic Romanian mansion is only 35 km outside of Bucharest, and it’s available for a full rental. They also allow private events, such as weddings.  

Casa Timis

Florica Romalo 4, Chițorani 107112, Judeţul Prahova

Built in 1925 and reopened for the public in 2015, Casa Timis is a place of relaxation and culinary delight. They have a lovely English Bar, offer delicatessens for foodies and have a winery.

It is located in Prahova Valley, and it’s a preferred escape by people living in the city, as it is close to both Brasov and Bucharest. 

Check out Casa Timis’ availability here

Amfiteatrul Transilvania

Cheia 62C, Moieciu – Bran, Brasov County, Romania

The Transylvania Amphitheater is another unique location to stay in Romania. It’s a hidden gem in the Carpathian mountains, which you can reach in less than one hour from Brasov. 

The place is on a small mountain peak, right between Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains in Romania. They are open all year long, and the views are extraordinary. They have outdoor activities, a traditional restaurant and lovely accommodation. You’ll need an offroad car to get there or you can ask for assistance when you book your room.

Check out their website to book a room here

Wooden Nest

Rasnov, Brasov County

The Wooden Nest is a retreat hotel, where guests are invited to live life more slowly while enjoying traditional values. They also have a spa and a sauna, a playground, quad bikes and bikes for rental and a restaurant. 

Check out their website to book a room.

Best places to stay in Banat, Romania (South-West of the Carpathian Mountains)

Banat is a smaller region of Romania, but it’s packed with hidden gems and a lot of ancient history. It’s where you’ll find the ancient Roman and Dacian settlements, the beautiful Danube valley and the Decebalus rock sculpture. Here are the coolest and most unique places to stay in Romania from the Banat region.

Complex Egreta

Berzasca, Nr. 548, Jud. Caras-Severin, Romania

Egreta Complex is the first over-water accommodation in Romania, and it is a one-of-a-kind place in the entire Europe. It is often called the floating city over the Danube. The spot for the suspended huts was chosen for its natural beauty. The Danube is an incredibly rich ecosystem and it truly feels like a unique place to stay in Romania. 

What can you visit around Egreta Complex?

  • Drencova Fortress (Now, it’s almost swallowed by the Danube, but it was built around 1419 on the spot of an old Roman fortress.) 
  • Cheile Nerei Natural Park (where Bigar Waterfall, one of the most famous waterfalls in Romania, once stood. Unfortunately, it recently collapsed, but the area is still worth a visit.)
  • Danube Gorges and Decebalus Rock Sculpture

Check out their website for availability.

Gasthaus Grindeshti

Grindeshti, Strada nr. 2, Zona Franzdorf, Valiug, jud.Caras-Severin

Gasthaus Grindeshti is a beautiful guesthouse located in the Banat region in Romania. What makes it a perfect and unique stay in Romania is the intimate location, as it is surrounded by the green forest and mountains. This stay in Romania promises to delight you with lovely food and help you relax. 

For reservations, check out their website

Best places to stay in Transylvania, Romania (West of the Carpathian Mountains)

Transylvania is probably the most popular region in Romania, both for Romanian and foreign tourists. Many are attracted by the history around Sibiu and Sighisoara, but there’s so much to Transylvania than that. By far, Transylvania is the region with the most stunning hotels in Romania and unique accommodations. Check out these unique places to stay in Romania located in the Transylvania region.

Meșendorf Gasthaus

Strada Principala 48-49, Meșendorf, Brașov County

mesendorft gasthaus trnasilvania unique hotels in romania

Meșendorf Gasthaus is an enchanting and cool accommodation in Romania. Transilvania is one of the most popular regions to visit in Romania, and it offers truly stunning and authentic experiences. 

The charming old Saxon villages are delightful through their simplicity. This is where you will find the old medieval fortified churches, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

The Meșendorf village has a rich history that started in the 13th century, and you can experience it by staying at the Meșendorf Gasthaus. 

Here you will find some old houses, with authentic objects, as well as new and modern rooms that still give you a feel of the countryside in Transilvania. Mesendorf Gasthaus is the perfect accommodation in Transilvania if you want to visit Sighisoara and the fortified churches of Transilvania. Enjoy the traditional food, breathe in the fresh air, go hiking, and rent a bike (explore the network of Transylvania’s Bike Trails).

Check the availability for Meșendorf Gasthaus here.

Dealul Verde

Porumbacu de sus, Sibiu, Romania

Dealul Verde (The Green Hill) was built by a couple from Bucharest that dreamt about building a fairyland, a place of relaxation for their family and friends. 

Its construction started in 2018, and Dealul Verde is today one of the most unique places to stay in Romania. Many blogs and magazines compare the beautiful rooms to the houses from the Hobbit, the famous J.R.R. Tolkien novel. 

They have 8 rooms, and each one has a different theme.

Check Dealul Verde’s availability here. 

Cosama Village


Cosama Village is a unique complex of lodges surrounded by lush forest. The huts have lovely views over Sighisoara citadel, and the village is only a 5-minute walk away from the city centre. 

While all huts have all the modern amenities, they look as if they’re part of a fantasy story and fit perfectly in the natural frame. 

Cosama Village has a sauna, hot tub, barbeque area, and hammocks for relaxing.

Raven’s Nest

Salciua, Sub Piatră 510A, Alba

The Hidden Village features unconventional accommodation, organic food and the ultimate eco-friendly travel experience. It’s the place for outdoor enthusiasts to get in touch with nature, relax, hike, enjoy the hot tub or watch a movie under the stars. 

Check out Raven’s Nest availability here

Casa Bună

Fundatica 49 Fundata, Brasov

Casa Buna (The Good House) is an 1891 traditional house. The hut has been renovated and it had two double rooms and indoor bathrooms. They only rent the entire place. 

For renting, check out all the details here

Casa Kraus

Crit nr. 25, comuna Bunesti, Jud. Brasov

Casa Kraus is a Saxon house from Transylvania, which was renovated to match the exact plans. The rooms have hand-painted furniture, and the entire interior was designed to resemble the Saxon lifestyle. 

Check out Casa Kraus’s availability

Convivium Transilvania

Strada Principala nr. 42, Crit, Judetul Brasov, Romania

Convivium Transilvania is an 18 century Saxon property, and it is a perfect stay if you want to visit the historical villages of Transylvania. It’s close to the famous Transylvanian village, Viscri, in which Prince Charles bought a country house.

Convivium Transilvania offers accommodation, tours to explore the Saxon lifestyle, cooking classes and can help you plan private events, such as team building. 

Check out Convivium Transilvania’s availability here

Cabana Barlogu

Paltinei, Somesul Rece, Cluj-Napoca (25km)

Cabana Barlogu is a lovely traditional lodge near Cluj-Napoca and it is available only if you book the entire place which can accommodate up to 25 people. 

The location is beautiful. They offer an outdoor swimming pool, a barbeque area, and they allow pets.

Conacul Archia

Strada Zăvoi, Deva

Archia Mansion is a family business that started from their love for horses. They have 35 themed rooms, space for private events such as weddings and corporate events and, of course,  horse riding activities. 

What to visit nearby:

  • Deva’s Citadel
  • Corvin Castle
  • Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (Roman Settlement)
  • I Giardini di Zoe, Banpotoc
  • Arboretum Simeria
  • Roman Baths,  Geoagiu-Băi
  • Costești Dacian Fortress (Cetatea Dacica Costești)
  •  Botanical Reservation (Rezervaţia botanică Tăul Fără Fund)

Check out Conacul Archia’s availability here

Apuseni Wild

Remeti, nr.32, 417113 Remeți, România

Apuseni Wild is a lovely lodge in the Apuseni Mountains in Romania, which is much appreciated by those looking for a relaxing holiday spot. The place has a rustic vibe and is ready to delight you with traditional food.

What to visit nearby Apuseni Wild:

  • Barajul Drăgan-Floroiu (dam)
  • Caves: Peștera Unguru Mare, Pestera Vântului, Peștera Vadu Crişului
  • Cetatea Bologa (Fortress, currently closed for visitors, but nice to see from outside)
  • Moara de apă de la Bologa (water mill)
  • Arborele Sequoia (the oldest Sequoia tree in Romania)
  • Valea Răcadului

Zabola Castle Transylvania

Zabala nr. 437, 527190 Zăbala, România (70 km from Brasov)

Zabola is the estate that will allow time travel and will bring you back to the 1920s. The 50 hectares will remind you of English Gardens, and it is rich in wildlife, such as bears and deer. If you want to see what it’s like to sleep in a Transylvania castle hotel, then this is your Transylvania accommodation.

Check Zabola’s availability here

Theodora Golf Club

Str. Principală, Nr. 75 C, Teleac, CP 517246, Jud. Alba

Theodora Gold Club is a top golf course in Europe, and it also offers accommodation. The location has a lovely restaurant, and it is also available for events such as weddings and corporate events.

Check out their availability here.  

Domeniile Martinutzi

Strada Mihai Eminescu 58, Vintu de Jos, judetul Alba

Martinutzi Estate is a 3-hectare property on which you will find a castle, a restaurant, a ballroom, and a 4-star hotel. It is a preferred place for weddings and other private events but what makes this place special is the beautifully restored castle.  Rhédey Castle was built in 1860, and it can be rented for corporate and private events. 

Across the street from the castle and hotel is the 13th-century Martinuzzi Castle. Unfortunately, it belongs to the Romanian Heritage Institute, but there aren’t enough funds to rehabilitate it. I have included this spot in this 3-day heritage road trip around Romania. On the other side of the hotel, you will find the 13th-century Reformed Church, which can only be observed from the outside, and it too needs to be restored. 

What else to visit around Martinutzi estate?

  • Alba Iulia Fortress – The former Romanian capital
  • Turda Salt Mine
  • Deva Citadel
  • Prislop Monastery
  • Sarmizegetusa Regia
  • Transalpina – The highest road in Romania

Prosilva House

Strada Vilelor 535700, Toplița, Harghita Country

Prosilva House is a 5-room wooden cottage, and it is the perfect place to retreat and relax, far away from the urban noise. If you decide to book the entire property for at least 2 nights, the hosts offer a large 100% bio venison meat and local cheese platter. Like many other rural places in Romania, you’ll be amazed by the hospitality of the hosts and the great traditional cuisine. 

You can book Prosilva House here.  

Casa Trappold

Strada Principală, nr. 75, Apold 547040, România

Casa Trappold is a typical Transylvanian guesthouse, which was rebuilt to suit the needs of the modern lifestyle. Apold village is one brilliant example of the rural lifestyle in Transylvania, and it features one of its beautiful fortified churches. The furniture was reconditioned, and it is a wonderful display of the 13th-century style. In their yard, you will find a cold tub and a sauna. They also have quad bikes, 4×4 offroad cars and bikes for rental, so you can really enjoy and explore the beauty of this place. 

You can book a room at Casa Trappold here

Pensiunea La Mesteceni

Salicea nr. 86, Cluj County, Romania

La Mesteceni is a family place, built with a lot of love for those who want to relax and enjoy some fresh air in the countryside. The rustic vibes and healthy food will delight your entire family. The location also has a summer pool, which you can access for an extra fee. 

Close to La Mesteceni country house, you can visit Cluj, Turda Salt Mine and Cheile Turzii (a beautiful natural park).

Check their website if you want to book a stay here

Hunnia – Huntanya

Str. Republicii 47/k, 535800 Vlăhița, România

Hunnia is one of the most unique-looking places to stay in Romania. The complex has seven separate rooms around the main building. What makes it so special is the shape of the buildings, which reminds its visitors of Asia structures. Hunnia is open all year long, and its restaurant features delicious Hungarian dishes.  

Book your stay at Hunnia here

Berg Cottage

Păltinei village, comuna Someșul Rece, Cluj County

Berg is a beautiful minimalist cottage, located in Apuseni mountains in Romania. 

Agropensiunea Maria

154 Sebes village, 507094 Hîrşeni, Brasov county, România 

Maria Homestay is a rather ordinary house from the Seber village in Transylvania, but the story of the place is fascinating as the current owners have inherited it from their great-grandfather, who got it from a family who couldn’t have children. The interior is a beautiful combination of traditional motives and modern amenities. 

Book your stay at Maria Homestay here

Dragonfly Gardens Urban Glamping Brasov

3 Temeliei street, 500271 Brașov country, România 

Dragonfly Gardens is a wonderful glamping place right in the heart of Brasov. They have four fully equipped bell tents in a green urban oasis close to the forest and only a 5-minute drive away from the main square in Brasov.

You can book your glamping experience here.

Conacul Secuiesc

105 Strada Principala, 517611 Colţeşti, România 

Conacul Secuiesc is just a few steps away from Trascăului Mountains, and promises to relax your mind and soul, has lovely traditional architecture, cosy rooms and traditional dishes.  Rimetea-Colțești villages are part of the European Cultural Patrimony. They offer leisure activities and even act as a venue for weddings. 

Book your stay at Conacul Secuiesc here

Eco-Boutique Hotel “Fortuna”

Kovacs Miklos, 535100 Băile Tuşnad, România 

Hotel Fortuna is located in the heart of Transylvania, in Băile Tușnad. Eco-Boutique Hotel is a wonderful location for those who are seeking remorse holiday locations between the mountains. The hotel has beautiful rustic interior decor.

Book your trip to Eco-Boutique Hotel “Fortuna” here. 

Best places to stay in Moldova, Romania (East of the Carpathian Mountains)

Moldova is not only the name of a neighbouring country of Romania, but it is also one of the main regions in Romania. We refer to it as the land of wine and beautiful women. Check out these unique places to stay in Romania located in the Moldova region.

Zaga Zaga Village

Doaga, Vrancea, România (20 km away from Focșani)

Zaga Zaga is a beautiful delta village on the Siret river, in Vrancea county. It all started with a trout and sturgeon farm and has evolved into a beautiful delta, which is now recognised as Delta Siretului (Siretului Delta). The village has bungalows and floating huts, a fishery restaurant, yurts and an adventure park. 

The complex is closed during winter. 

Best places to stay in Maramures, Romania (North-West of the Carpathian Mountains)

Maramures is a beloved region of Romania, and it is recognized as the place where most traditions and Romanian costumes are still alive. Locals and foreigners adore this part of Romania. Check out these unique places to stay in Romania located in the Maramures region.

Pastravaria Alex

89 Strada principala, Sat Mara, Comuna Desesti, Maramures County, Romania

Pastravaria Alex is a traditional house complex in Maramures County, Romania. The beautiful nature and wooden houses will allow you to travel back in time and be immersed in the lovely Maramureș customs. 

Remember that pastravarie means trout farm, and that’s why the menu includes many fish dishes. 

The owner of Pastravaria Alex also built Piscina Pa Coasta, a lovely summer pool, only 100 meters away from the accommodation. 

 Book your stay at Pastravaria Alex here

Casa Valea Vinului

Vișeu de Sus, Maramureș County, România

Located at the base of the mountains, Casa Valea Vinului is a wooden cottage overlooking the breathtaking valley and Rodnei Mountains. Besides the traditional style of the cottage and its lovely location, the thing that makes this location one of the most unique places to stay in Romania is the Valea Vinului Dome, which is a one-of-a-kind glamping experience in Romania. 

The traditional house and the dome can be booked directly on Facebook or via Airbnb. Book here the Wooden Cottage and Valea Vinului Dome.

Best places to stay in Bucovina, Romania (North of the Carpathian Mountains)

Bucovina is famous for keeping the traditional customs alive in Romania. The nature and landscapes are breathtaking, and it is often referred to as a little piece of heaven in Romania. Check out these unique places to stay in Romania located in the Bucovina region.

Hygge Hut Bucovina

17 Parcului street, 727590 Vama, România 

Hygge Hut is a 160-year-old hut which was moved piece by piece to Vama village in Bucovina. The place is fully renovated, but it still has the original doors, windows and old wood. 

Its charm guarantees to put a smile on your face each morning you wake up here. Make sure to book this unique place to stay in Romania in advance, as it can be booked for months. 

Check out Hygge Hut’s availability here

As you probably already figured out by now, Romania’s tourism is mostly about remote places for relaxation and traditional cottages. Oh, and traditional food. I think you will enjoy your trip to Romania pretty much if you choose one of these spots (or perhaps more than one) to spend a few days and disconnect from the hectic urban life.

I’ll be updating this list of unique places to stay in Romania as I discover new cool homestays and remote hotels that deserve a spot on this list.

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