Resolutions For Next Year (2018)

Last day of 2017 has arrived. Here it is. Gets me all nervous thinking about what I’ve been through this year, and more importantly, makes me remember my resolutions. And think the resolutions for next year.

I remember I started 2017 very confident, having the plan of how I will live my life from that moment on. That is, I had already decided I will live a life of joy and seek only things that I believed in.

The moment I had this short list of things in my mind, it was always with me, I had written it down numerous times, put it in places where I could see it daily, listen to podcasts talking about this topics, and followed all the advice that resonated with me.

Now, thinking back I am amazed by my willpower, strength and confidence, which leads only to a boost of confidence. And that is what I want to share with you.

I am as normal as a woman can be. I have my complexes, which society hasn’t failed to deliver, and my opinions which are hard to change.

What was 2017 all about for me

I wish what I am always wishing for: happiness. Only that, this time, I have stated the details, setting a precise goal to measure it. Sounds dumb, but it’s not.

There is no way of measuring or even deciding whether or not you have achieved it unless there are specific goals.

Over the past years of exploring the world and most importantly discovering myself, I have gathered a list of things which make me happy. Travelling makes me happy, exploring and sharing makes me happy.

For all of this to happen, I need to take care of my mind, my body and my soul.

Feeling great about my body again

For being able to travel, I need to be healthy and strong. I am a vegan with some sweet exceptions, and because of that and some other medical related issues, I was a bit chubby.

One of my resolutions was to feel good about myself again, so I lost 16 kg this year. It wasn’t easy, but it was simple to do so, the moment I had decided, that will be the thing to move me further to pursue my dreams.

A healthy body leads to a healthy and positive mindset. This is the most important aspect of a human being and is the thing that makes or brakes a person.

Time to get your resolutions for next year on the paper.

Biking in Bucharest

Spending my time doing work I truly believe in

This year I decided I wasn’t going to get a job and just be another employ on some company’s list. Nope. I was going to work for myself. And for my blog.

Meanwhile, I was looking for a part-time job to sustain myself and my blog. Without working in IT.

A friend suggested I could tutor kids, since I have a lot of experience, after my voluntary social projects. I was terrified. But I decided to give it a go. The best example that if you want something to happen and you put your energy into it, it will happen.

Working on my blog meant doing a lot of research about social media. This turned into developing my social media skills and somehow without really looking too much into this, I got a job doing social media for the hottest cryptocurrency startup in Romania in 2017.

resolutions for next year 2018

Being happy starts from within. But being able to share it, is the next level

I learnt in the past years that I have everything necessary to be happy, right here with me. As long as I have myself, everything else is optional. And that there is nobody else who can make me happy, except myself.

resolutions for next year 2018

But there is more to this. This happy feeling can be taken to a new level, by having someone to share everything with. Us, as social human beings, need to be social. And social translates in sharing, caring, communicating.

I love travelling alone, but last year I have realised I would love travelling more if only I can find that person who enjoys it as much as I do, with whom to share the experience. So this was part of my resolution.

Trust me, it was painful. Especially when I realised people don’t get what I was talking about. Or, worse, when they didn’t care. Or had no idea about what happiness is for them, and what is it that they need.

That made me really sad, but it also gave me more energy to put into my blog, because people really do need to know there is more to life than paying bills and dying.

I am determined to not make that my life. And I do believe that whatever it is that I desire I will find a way to see it and achieve it. And I want to share the experience of life, so I found my Mister. Because I was looking for him.

Resolutions for next year. Travelling to some places I had on my list for a while

It took time to get all of this done, and I am not the person to focus on more than one thing at a time. But I had some time to travel as well.

Travelling mostly in Romania, I have discovered more of it than ever, some unexplored beauties of natures and some handmade like the place where the Danube meets Romania, caves, castles, ancient ruins of Romania, a commercial seaside, works of art of the most famous Romania sculptor, and a road trip around Romania.

I also did everything in my power to finally see Russia, the great Moscow’s Kremlin and the beautiful St. Petersburg, although there was a bombing attack just the day I was flying out. And I did discover what to do in Dublin, except visiting bars, and also discovered the beauty of Bulgaria,

There were good moments and great ones. And for that, I want to thank everyone I know. Thank you!

resolutions for next year 2018

Resolutions for next year (2018)

I have my basic needs met and far beyond that. I know my limits are nowhere near, and that gives me confidence.

Deciding is the first step and when failing isn’t an option, then reaching your goals is just a matter of time.

My resolutions for next year are to inspire you to pursue that dream of yours, to inspire you to travel to find your dream, to travel to some places (sorry, cannot divulge that, I am superstitious).

I believe each one of us can achieve more, but most of the times we don’t really want it. So decide what is that dream of yours already. We are not getting any younger. I will not live to have regrets.

And my biggest resolution and purpose is to make you realise just this: We don’t have to live to have regrets. 

Happy living! Happy New Year 2018!

resolutions for next year 2018

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