Sankt Petersburg metro bombing attack gave me goosebumps

I was visiting St. Petersburg for the last 3 days. This morning I got up early, after 3h of sleep and got to the airport to catch the flight back to Moscow. By the time I got to the airport, my flight was cancelled. But they booked me a ticket for the next one, which was 1h later.

That’s how I spent my Monday morning. At 7 am I was finally on the plane. The weather was so bad, cloudy and raining, that the captain had to wait for about 1h to take off. At least I saw the sun rays about the thick clouds.

Moscow is huge. It is the biggest city in Europe and the traffic is terrible. It took 2h to reach the hostel from the airport. It was raining.

I thought the rain would stop, but instead is snowing like in a fairytale, with big, fluffy flakes. It snowing for more than 1h now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop soon. The snowflakes are getting bigger. I remember last week when I was at home, and it was 25 °C. Not a pleasant feeling.

Sankt Petersburg metro

The metro bomb in Sankt Petersburg

Just before the snow started, my friends started to text me on Facebook. That’s how I found out about the metro bomb in Sankt Petersburg. I was shocked.

It felt so unreal, I just couldn’t connect. Then I searched online and found out there were 2 metro stations. And I was yesterday in both. Twice.

Sankt Petersburg metro

My friend and I were surprised by the structure and ornaments of the stations. we took photos and I made a video.

We were on that train. In those stops. Unbelievable. I got goosebumps the moment my friend asked me to guess the metro stations. And that’s something you cannot fake.

How is this possible and most importantly “WHY?”. Getting people frighten, scared and weak is a great way to conquer, but this is not the way. It’s incredibly sad how easy it is for a human being to sacrifice another human being. It shocks me and makes me wanna live in ignorance.

Sankt Petersburg metro

Don’t look for someone to blame, look for the cause

I could complain and throw the blame on somebody, but we are all together in this and we do it to ourselves. One of the most powerful tool, the media, is telling us what to do, how to feel and where to go or not to. But we are the media. And we choose what to consume, what to believe in and what represents an interest.

Call me a fool, but I don’t follow the news. If something bad is going to happen, then so be it. I cannot control everything around me. But what I can control is my perspective on life. I will not let people tell me what to fear of and what to trust. It sounds like living in a cage.

Sankt Petersburg metro

I choose to live the life I love, make it the best I can and enjoy it. Because there can be a moment when it will not be up to me to make a choice.

Sankt Petersburg metro

But it’s not the first time I’m travelling to a place where this happens. And I’ve seen the manipulation which happens in the media and I hate it. Also, that’s how I know I cannot trust it, and media will only show certain bits of what happened.


Iulia Vasile

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