The Amazing Seaside Of Slovenia: Walking And Cycling In Piran

Slovenia is a small country, but has so many places well worth a visit. The seaside of Slovenia has a 46 km opening to the Adriatic Sea and is one of my favourite. I just cannot stop recommending it.

This short patch of land hosts some hidden gems small cities like Piran, Izola. I was extremely surprised and impressed by the beauty of these places.


The port of Piran, right next to the center square


The view of Piran


Small lovely street of Piran, from my window

Popular places to see on the seaside of Slovenia:


A small peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, which you HAVE to see it all on foot. Like an old european small city, where time doesn’t go so fast. All it’s cute narrow streets are paved with stones, which can make a bike ride feel like a living hell.

There are many restaurants with an amazing seaview, great seafood and nice people. And if you are a vegan, there are plenty of side dishes to choose from. Take you time and discover every inch of it, during the day for the sun and sea and during the night for a bit of mystery.

Renting a bike is  an option, if you want to visit Portoroz and the surrounding nature areas. It’s a well worth trip.


A bit more large than the intimate Piran, can get crowded during the day. Because the seaside has no sand, people have build docks and many of them are for the tourists to walk on or enjoy a sunbath. The sound of the sea while laying over it, having the sun to warm your skin… priceless.


Another small gem on the seaside of Slovenia, a place pretty known. Small and cozy, with a lot of Italian influences.


Koper is the largest city on the Slovenian seaside.


Port of Isola

Although the Adriatic Sea has no sand, and the beach is mostly covered in stones, the overall landscape is breathtaking. My first impression was that it resembles Venice, but it’s not that big. It’s the perfect place to get in touch with nature, especially if you are a sea lover and also like to sea some history aside it.

Words are too few to express that wonderful feeling you get by walking the streets of these quiet places. Cars have no use here, but I would suggest to rent a bike and wander around.


Port of Izola

It was one of the most impressive-not so popular-small city-seaside-unexpected discovery I’ve done so far.

Male sure to check Ljubljana if you are in Slovenia! You will love it.

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