Should I travel to Europe this summer?

International travelling has started to be one of our favourite things and for those living outside of Europe, summer is the time they think about visiting the old continent. If you are wondering “Should I travel to Europe this summer?” then you might be interested to know the honest opinion of a travel blogger living in Europe, who has been travelling around Europe for over a decade.

Travel is not limited by technology anymore but it is limited by our personal beliefs and sometimes, by events that we cannot control but affect the logistics of any type of travel.

In light of the recent events regarding the Corona Virus, travelling is the industry most affected, and it should be taken seriously.

As a European, I feel a bit trapped. I live here, but every day I hear about new safety measures being taken, that discourage travelling to certain regions or even countries. Flights are being cancelled or postponed, accommodations refuse to reimburse their clients and people start to get paranoid. But even so, Europe is still functioning and we are not all under lockdown.

And to answer your question…

“Should I travel to Europe this summer?”

There is no definitive answer.

New safety measures are taken each day, and the European Council is taking measures are they see fit.

Each European country is also responsible for the overall well-being of its citizens and of the healthcare system and, so far, is imposing different means of prevention.

In my perception, the coronavirus started to be a threat in Europe in February 2020, but serious prevention methods have been taken since March.

It mostly depends on the spread of the virus, and without proper isolation of the regions with the most detected cases of infected people, it will be impossible to contain the spreading of the virus.

Travelling to Europe in the summer of 2020 can affect your travel plans

We are still 3 months away from the European summer, and the infection can change in either direction until then.

So far, I can say that you could travel to most countries in Europe, except for Italy, which is under lockdown.

Upon arriving in Europe, most travellers are asked about their recent travels and even undergo a temperature scan.

But life goes on as usual in European cities. Yes, there are restrictions. Large gatherings are forbidden in some countries, and it is highly recommended to keep a distance for others in public spaces.

Most events are to be postponed or held without an audience. No concerts, or football matches.

The supermarkets have everything we need, and all the panic from social media has been just that – panic. But panic won’t do anyone any good, and as long as we all take care to wash our hands and refrain from unnecessary contact, there shouldn’t be a risk.

Public transport is currently disinfected more than usual and passengers are checked for recent travels.

What to expect if you decide to travel to Europe in the summer of 2020?

It all depends on who the virus infectivity will progress, but so far there are some measures that might affect your travel plans.

Despite events being cancelled, most transportation means seem to still function, except routes to and from Italy.

The best thing would be to be flexible about your travel plans and be mentally prepared for delays and cancellations. If fewer passengers book flights, we might even see fewer flights.

Trains could also be cancelled or restricted.

If you travel with any public transport, try your best to disinfect your hands as needed and refrain from touching items.

As there can be travel restriction imposed on airlines by governments without prior notice, it might be difficult receiving a reimbursement. That’s why I would rather travel by train or bus, as you can buy your ticket when a few hours before the trip.

Another point to pay attention to is accommodation.

There are many accommodations not offering a refund, and booking platforms such as can’t help you with that.

I strongly recommend booking only fully refundable accommodations, or booking them on the same day as the day of staying. I usually do this, as I like to be flexible in my travels and sometimes I get better prices.

The Takeaway

Should I travel to Europe this summer? It’s all up to you.

You should be prepared for a radical change of plans once you get to Europe, and forced to not travel to certain regions.

Health should be your priority and disinfecting your hands has to be a priority.

And if you decide to still travel to Europe, I have written a list of tips on how to travel cheap to Europe, and I hope that will give you an idea on how you too can travel on a budget in Europe.

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