Social Media Summit Bucharest 2020: Romanian Social Media Trends

On the first week of March 2020, I’ve attended Social Media Summit 2020, in Bucharest, and I want to share with whoever is interested in the Romanian digital trends what was discussed at the Social Media Summit 2020 Bucharest.

I am a travel blogger and I mostly write about travel destination from a spiritual perspective and how can a new destination help you with personal growth, but I am also interested in social media.

The speakers were marketers, influencers, and PR people from brands and the topics revolved around successful social media campaigns, LinkedIn, TikTok, and the overall trends on social media with a focus on the Romanian digital market.

I might not get all the industry terms right, since I am at heart an engineer and study Social Media out of passion and everything I know about online marketing is from my own research. So, bare with me and feel free to ask questions in the comment sections.

I will try to focus on the main topics, and what I consider to be important to mention and relevant as a digital trend in 2020 in social media.

Social Media Summit 2020 Bucharest: TikTok

It’s no surprise anymore that TikTok is stealing the show and it’s the hot new thing everyone is talking about.

After today’s many comments and perspectives over TikTok, I can say that it is a wonderful platform, having a lot of advantages, BUT it is not THE platform and it is not the way to go for just about anyone.

For some, TikTok is the holy grail of platforms, but for others it just might not work.

It depends on your type of content and (in the end) on what you’re selling. Because we are all selling something. I am selling information, travel inspiration and wanderlust. But if you are not truly inspired to create dedicated content for TikTok, or don’t have someone doing it for you, it might be a waste of time and you will not see a lot of return of investment from that.

From my perspective, TikTok is wonderful for music labels and aspiring artists. In the US, a lot of music artists release their new songs on TikTok first, hoping it making it viral if it inspires TikTokers to create content using that sound.

Of course, that’s not the only way to use TikTok or create content on the platform, but it’s the main niche. Some of the most successful accounts on TikTok have lots of posts dancing or lip-syncing on famous songs.

Other types of accounts I’ve seen having a slight success on TikTok are: How To’s, Drawing, comedians, light entertainment. I still have to figure it out how to embed some travel-related posts and make it viral.

The key points on TikTok are:

  • You can have viral posts without any followers
  • Accounts can grow very fast
  • You can be seen by people from all over the world if your content is enjoyed by the first people who see it.
Social Media Summit Bucharest 2020: The trends of Social Media on the Romanian Digital Market

Social Media Summit 2020 Bucharest: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not usually mentioned as one of the platforms for social media, but it turns out we are all wrong.

On LinkedIn, as on Facebook, you can publish text statuses, links, photos, and all kinds of stuff. The thing is that your home is actually your CV. And you don’t have friends, but connections. The connections are divided into layers: the first layer is the people who have already connected with you. The 2nd layer is the people connected to your connection, but not to you. And so on. Basically, the more you interact with your connection (like when they like something you’ve shared) the higher the chances that their connection will see your status on the news feed.

LinkedIn is one of the few platforms that still offer an incredible reach and shows your content to other people’s friends if your connections have liked those posts.

Tips to have a good network of people on LinkedIn:

  • Connect with people who are working in the same position as you do and/or people who would be your target audience if you are building your brand or trying to build an audience for a future product.
  • Stay active. Luckily, being active on Linked doesn’t require more than 1 post per week.
  • Share useful information to your network. It doesn’t have to be your own article or video, but it would be advisable to be your conclusion or opinion about a piece that you read on the web.
  • Text posts tent to perform the best.
  • Getting a reaction for someone who has a huge network can be highly beneficial for your posts’ reach

As a final remark, try to fill out your LinkedIn profile as much as possible. After you finish doing that, you can get different kinds of stat regarding your position in the job market.

And try to choose a compelling and unique title for your position. Your current job position will still be visible in the searches, but a smarter first title might make your profile easier to spot.

Social Media Summit Bucharest 2020: The trends of Social Media on the Romanian Digital Market
It reads: What brings performance, doesn’t grow the community; What grows the community, doesn’t bring performance.

Social Media Summit 2020 Bucharest: YouTube Vlogs

The video market is increasing in Romania and will most likely follow the international trend as more vlogs appear each year.

The most successful YouTube videos are targeting children and as the technology advances and more and more very young children have access to a smartphone or a tablet, they will consume even more. Gaming is another vast type of niche on YouTube and more specialized niches will be created during the next few years.

The audience is searching for entertainment and light education. The international creators have already started to create lots of educational videos for all ages and the Romanian market is thirsty for their Romanian versions. Examples of channels niches: How-Tos, History, Facts.

Social Media Summit Bucharest 2020: The trends of Social Media on the Romanian Digital Market

Social Media Summit 2020 Bucharest Conclusions

After a long day of hearing about the new trending videos on YouTube, why TikTok is the hottest thing right now, the stats and demographics of different audiences, and towards where the main social media channels are heading towards, I can say that social media is not easy anymore.

It is massively used as a marketing tool, to find potential clients and help the brands that are willing to pay for their ads, to get those clients.

Building a brand has never been so easy, but the competition is steep and knowing the current best practices can make the difference between a failure and a successful business.

There was a debate about Instagram posts vs Instagram stories. Obviously, we need both to run a successful Instagram account. I wrote in the past some personal thoughts about the Gram( What are doing wrong on Instagram ) if you like to know what I personally believe about this platform.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve started building a meaningful network on LinkedIn. (I linked my profile)

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