5 Of My Strong Beliefs I Wish We Could All Share (which could push you toward success)

There I was, in my bed, trying to fall asleep, when my mind started to wander off, and this post about strong beliefs came into my mind. As much as I tried to get an idea of what to put in it, and to remember it till tomorrow, my brain said: “No, you have to write it NOW”. So I got up, got my laptop and started typing.

There are things I notice more than others, and although it’s not by any means judgemental, it will seem like it is. Keep in mind: It’s just another perspective (which I hope one day we will all share).

Over time I came to have these ideas, which moulded me for the better (or that’s how I feel now, anyway). What do I really stand for, when I’m not making fun of myself?

What are my strong beliefs? Ok, here is what I managed to come up with so far… I promise to update the list of beliefs (sometimes, when the time comes).

1. We are all crazy and we should all see a therapist

A friend I used to know was always saying it’s not a therapist, it’s more like personal development. Call it as you wish, but for the love of those around you, please go and see a psychologist. Maybe for a little while?!

While Woody Allen might have exaggerated and then declared it was not much, I believe it’s a huge step in your personal growth. What pisses me off, is how a lot of people praise therapy like it’s somehow of Miracle given action, but decide not to pursue it, complaining that it’s too expensive. People please, set some priorities. I am a mess, but even I know my own self should and is a priority for me. Have strong beliefs. Choose to use your time to develop a set of strong beliefs. How? Usually, we all develop our strong beliefs differently, but I discover travelling to be a tool that works for me. And I am sure I am not a singular example.

As I said countless times, you would rather buy an object than develop yourself. Am I the only one to see a problem here?

2. People should not eat animals. Period.

Earlier today I asked my mom if she would drink elephant milk. She stared at me and said, “Meah, I don’t think so”. “Why do you drink cow’s milk then?” I asked her back. And then she answered, “Because it’s common”.

Usually, we are the most honest when we talk without thinking too much. So there you have it. People drink cow’s milk because someone put that into our head. Probably I would still drink milk if I wouldn’t have developed an intolerance for it. Lucky me, my body saved me on time.

Over the years, I have changed my beliefs in life, and this one is a rather new one. Since 2015 I stopped eating meat and animal products and I love my life. Read about my story going vegan and weight loss story.

I will not tell people what to eat (but I have my ideas). I am only asking to get informed and know what you eat. And what’s the cost of that? Nope, not talking about money.

You cannibals, break your addiction for a while and see what happens. I mean, some cured cancer with fruits. They can’t be all crazy, right?

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3. After turning 18, travelling should be your job

Some cultures have this idea, but most don’t. I come from an environment in which going camp was considered a pretty big adventure. And I was always under the impression that my mom would be happier if I would never leave the house. Ever! Too bad for her, I turned out to be quite the opposite.

It took me some years, but I came across the inspiration to travel. I have no idea what pushed me, but I am grateful it did. And I believe we all need that push.

Most time, there will be no screaming opportunity to ask you to travel, but merely a soft whisper. Listen carefully, dump everything and go out there. Be a volunteer somewhere in Turkey or work with children in a quiet town in Austria.  Because of those experiences, I came to have these strong beliefs about travelling. And life. Volunteering. Thinking about others. Learnt to care and to listen. I still do.

Travel as far as possible and then discover yourself. Mend the pieces of your lost self and grow. It’s terrifying and it’s what we all live for.

Do it now, because later you will become more scared. And keep in mind, you’re going to die anyway. I rather have my mind full of memories, than to worry about the inevitable. What do you choose?

4. Settle is a word only scared people use

Don’t settle. Not with your job, relationship, skills, people, place… life. Don’t settle for a life you’re not happy with.

Because that’s a sure way to depression land. Not a good place. Been there, done that. Lead to the best day of my life: the day I quit my job.

But choose your battles carefully. What seems like heaven for your fellow humans, might be hell for you. And the other way around. Make your life easy, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

For me, I’m still struggling with this. As you can see it’s past midnight and my brain made me get up and write this. There is no such thing as magic, but there is desire, will, motivation, inspiration, and everything that makes me… me.

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5. Focus! On your strong beliefs, on something!

I’m still learning to say “no” to people, to things that do not aid me in my goals. And I do feel guilty for it. But I shouldn’t. I’m the youngest I’ll ever be, and time it’s not running in my favour.

Spend time with the people that do matter, that make my life better. And in reverse, if I want to be part of someone else’s life I always try to bring value to their life. Otherwise it’ a waste on both sides.

I am sick of going into that pit of despair full of worrying and anger, which never solves anything. And whenever I catch myself going back on that lane, I stop that thought and think about something else. Something I can control, change, enjoy, and benefit from.

That’s the word. Benefit from your actions, time, and the people you surround yourself with. After all, happy and healthy relationships are the ones that make all the difference at the end.

Your takeaway?

Find that thing that makes you stare at the ceiling at night, and then smile. Probably you’ve found something worth living for. Have strong beliefs and stand for them.

Sorry, that’s it. End of story. You need to find your list of beliefs now. No magic pill for happiness. Yet.

Maybe I am a bit too radical, and these are my strong beliefs, not yours. But I strongly advise you to find your empowering beliefs and live by them. 

PS. If you haven’t seen Europe, I dare you to take a month off this summer and travel to Europe on a Budget. You can visit Europe on a budget, trust me! Make it happen. Try travelling alone for once in your life. You’ll thank me later.

5 Of My Strong Beliefs I Wish We Could All Share (which could push you toward success)
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