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Europe itinerary 3 weeks paris the ultimate guide to solo europe travel in 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Europe Solo Travel in 2023

Europe solo travel might not be on everybody’s list, but it will soon be as more travellers start to choose solo travel over group travel. We won’t discuss any reasons here, but instead, I’ll give you my best tips for Europe solo travel, as I am a European traveller myself and have been since 2014.  Make sure to read till the end to get my...

Top 5 amazing things to do in Riga, Latvia

Top 5 Amazing Things to Do in Riga, Latvia

What are the main things to do in Riga, Latvia, you ask? I have to say I had no idea about what to visit in Riga before getting there, but I was beyond surprised to discover such a lovely and diverse city. I will admit that Riga is my favourite Baltic city. Visiting Riga was not a priority, but it became one as I was drafting the itinerary for the Baltic road...

Bridge Užupis Republic what you need to see in Vilnius in 1 day cheapest countries in europe

Cheapest Countries in Europe: 9 Countries To Make Your Travel Budget Last Longer

If you want to spend more time travelling around Europe, you have to add the cheapest countries in Europe and add some of these spots to your European itinerary. How to make the most out of your European trip? Spend more time in the cheapest countries in Europe. That’s how you’ll be able to spend more time in Europe. So what are the cheapest countries in...