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11 Tips for Driving in Guatemala Like a Local

If you’re like me and love to go on road trips all around the world, including Guatemala, then you should know that driving in Guatemala is possible. 

I was in Guatemala in March 2024 and decided last minute to book a rental car while I was on my way there. I never thought I would need to use the expensive WiFi provided by airlines, but here we are.

guatemala 10-day itinerary things to do in antigua, guatemala

Guatemala 10-Day Itinerary: The Ultimate Road Trip Adventure

I spent 10 days in Guatemala and I have been to all these places. And now I give my blueprint for the ultimate 10-day itinerary in Guatemala.  I did it myself, it’s safe, achievable and extremely memorable. If you’re reading this and think about renting a car and doing a road trip in Guatemala, then I have a feeling you will have one of your best travelling...