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What to do in Vidin, Bulgaria

What to do in Vidin, Bulgaria: Discover this off-the-beaten-path medieval city

Are you looking to discover a new underrated touristic destination in Bulgaria? If you love to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, then this is the place for you. In December 2022, I stepped foot in Vidin, Bulgaria, for the first time. This border city sits right by the Danube river and has on display brilliant medieval structures that still stand as proof of...

what to wear in Morocco as a tourist?

How To Dress in Morocco as a Tourist?

If you’re planning to visit Morocco for the first time in the near future, you’re probably already aware that this is a Muslim country. And this begs the question, “How to dress in Morocco as a tourist?” Unlike many other Muslim countries, Morocco is very welcoming towards tourists and works hard to accommodate all needs of their western visitors. However, there are...

top things to do in copenhagen denmark outside activities

Top Things To Do in Copenhagen, Denmark (Free Activities Included)

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark, and it is such a beautiful city. That’s why I created this dedicated guide on the top things to do in Copenhagen for your next visit! This includes both outdoor and indoor activities, as well as some tips about free things to do in Copenhagen.  Top things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark (outdoor activities) If you happen...