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Bucegi mountains hiking

Hiking In The Breathtaking Bucegi Mountains in Romania, But Beware Of Bears

Instagram is full of beautiful, amazing, fantastic earth pictures. So most of the times we learn about the world through our phones. Through a screen. And from others. OK, screw that and get outdoors and climb a damn mountain. Now. Ok, next weekend. Do it. Maybe Bucegi mountains? Do you have a few days off and want to discover more of Romania? Here is my full...

solo travel benefits what no one tells you about vama veche romania tourist trap

What No One Tells You About Vama Veche, Romania

The Romanian seaside started to be a popular holiday destination, and most Romanians spend their weekends there during summer. But there is a small village with a big audience. A place for everybody. Vama Veche. Vama Veche used to be a place for a certain type of people. Yes, Romania has a seaside, and there is a place for anyone. No matter how snobbish you are...