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Self-guided walking tour to Munich, Germany

Welcome to Munich! Probably you are wondering what to explore in Munich, just as I was. Well, you will be surprised to discover that Munich has more to offer than what meets the eye. A clock-show, beer gardens, and a surf wave are all surprising places you will see if you follow this self-guided walking tour of the city. So I arrived by train from Berlin, after I...

teufelsberg mural berlin culture art

Self-guided tour: Berlin Before and After the Wall 3 – Berlin’s Culture

After the Wall fell, Berlin established itself as a Cultural Centre. After the West won, we can now see where it got them. In this diversity of today’s Berlin, is something for every one of us. Street art, culture, history, and many history lessons to remember for generations to come. This is a self-guided walking tour (with some U-Bahn in between) to...

Park inn by radisson panoramic view central berlin

Self-guided walking tour “Berlin before and after the Wall 2: Central Berlin”

Berlin has a multitude of experiences to offer and it’s hard to pick a place to start. But I’ve made an easy-to-follow guide you can use. The Central Berlin self-guided walking tour if for you if you’re in Berlin for the first time or if you want to discover some central places you might not know about. The Central Berlin self-guided walking tour...