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Best things to do in Cluj-Napoca in one day (A Complete Cluj Travel Guide)

Best things to do in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in one day (A Complete Cluj Travel Guide)

Cluj-Napoca has become one of the top cities to visit in Romania since it evolved into a vibrant and artsy cultural centre of Transylvania. Many hear about it when the notorious music festivals started to attract international music lovers, and it transformed it into a destination for travellers looking for the comfortable but affordable city life in Romania...

tips for travelling alone as a woman

Travelling Alone as a Woman: 7 Tips to Help You Go On Vacation Alone

To some, travelling alone as a woman might seem a desperate cry for help or attention. Honestly, I’ve heard them all, and after some years, I’ve decided not to care anymore.  I’ve started travelling more after turning 25, and most of my solo travels have been around Europe. After travelling to more cities than I can count, I want to share the knowledge and give...

Europe itinerary 3 weeks paris the ultimate guide to solo europe travel in 2021

Europe Solo Travel: Your Essential Guide to Traveling Alone

Europe solo travel might not be on everybody’s list, but it will soon be as more travellers start to choose solo travel over group travel. I strongly believe that solo travelling in Europe is the most enriching and transformative experience you’ll ever get to live. We won’t discuss any reasons here, but instead, I’ll give you my best tips for solo European...