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Best things to do in Cluj-Napoca in one day (A Complete Cluj Travel Guide)

Best things to do in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in one day (A Complete Cluj Travel Guide)

Cluj-Napoca has become one of the top cities to visit in Romania since it evolved into a vibrant and artsy cultural centre of Transylvania. Many hear about it when the notorious music festivals started to attract international music lovers, and it transformed it into a destination for travellers looking for the comfortable but affordable city life in Romania...

Europe itinerary 3 weeks paris the ultimate guide to solo europe travel in 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Europe Solo Travel in 2023

Europe solo travel might not be on everybody’s list, but it will soon be as more travellers start to choose solo travel over group travel. We won’t discuss any reasons here, but instead, I’ll give you my best tips for Europe solo travel, as I am a European traveller myself and have been since 2014.  Make sure to read till the end to get my...

how to travel cheap in europe in 2020

How To Plan Your Europe Trip on a Budget in 2023

After more than 10+ years of travelling cheaply around Europe, I want to share my tips with all of you who want to travel cheaply to Europe as well. Here’s how to plan your Europe trip on a budget in 2023. So… how can you travel cheaply to Europe? A few years ago, I saw a lot of Europe on a really tight budget and wrote a blog post on how I found the best...